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Style File: Sexy Be Thy Name

March 1, 2012

This Style File spotlights on, let’s all give a bow down to the hottest fashion this spring/summer season.

So you know my mouth dropped when I my eyes got a look at this hot dress.  Just got the new catalog from and I couldn’t wait to see what fabulous ensembles they’ve come up with for the spring/summer seasons.  One of the things I do when I get new fashion catalogs is I start from the back.  Don’t ask me why, it’s something I’ve always done since I was a teenager.  Just so happen I flipped the  catalog over and “BAM” there it was.

This sexy kimono style dress that comes in two fabulous colors, Cream Brulee Beig (CRBR) and Estate Blue (ESBL) is a definite must have this spring/summer season.  Of course I am going to get the Estate Blue because “blue” is my favorite color and that happens to be my color “blue.” 🙂

The shoes paired with the dress really set the stage, bringing the right tone for elegance and sexiness of the dress.  But I would take it one step further with finding a sexy high heel strappy sandal to raise the stakes.  This dress is 100% polyester chiffon and is an absolute must have.

Next on the list of hot picks from is this polyester styled romper with slits in the sleeves with ties at the sleeves opening, and a surplice front.  Rompers have certainly made their way back into the fashion realm, with many different styles to choose from.  I just happen to think this one is really cute and sexy and has a beautiful flow to it all the way around.  I’m quite the girly-girl so I’m always looking for something that is elegant, chic, and has a chiffon look and feel to it, and this piece really states that fact.  Peach and black are the two colors you can find this in.  I would go with Peach especially with spring and summer so close.  I think it is the right color for the upcoming seasons.  Get some cute wedges or low to high heel slides to really add to the overall look.  Cream/ivory or beige would be good to keep the color tone.

Looking for a jumpsuit, you can’t go wrong with this empire waist jumpsuit.  This is a perfect number to wear out to a special occasion or to an event were dressing to impress is a requirement.  There is no over or under dressing with this number.  Notice the deep neckline, with a mesh overlay, a tunic halter atop a wide-leg pant.  But, sorry ladies, it is only available in a small size.  Apparently this was a favorite and ultimately went quickly.

One thing you should know, which is catalog101, is that everything on the website is not in the catalog, so go to the site and see everything at full glance.  This spring/season is definitely the site to keep an eye on because they are really giving you something to look out for.  Whether you’re looking for general weekend wear, something to wear out for an evening, or whether you have an event to attend, can certainly come to your aid especially if your taste and style fits into what is all about.

Moving right along, my other favorites are this dress with the deep neckline, and described with a surplice front and braid side detail.  I like the ivory color better than the grey.  The ivory makes this dress look more alive and vibrant, where the grey makes it dull especially for a day event.  Grey, I could see being for an evening function where it would be more appealing and sexy.

Here’s a dress that that is fun and flirty with a hit of sex appeal.  Step into the weekend with this piece ready for a get away, a luncheon, hanging out with friends or just stepping out for the day.  The sleeves are completely open with button cuffs.  Smock skirt with tie at the neck.  This is not one to be identified with just being cute.  This is hot!

White! White!  White!  This is a dress I wanted to get for the Blanc et Noir Affair I’m attending March 31, but at the time, they didn’t have it in my size and I alternatively went with other choices.  See what happens when you don’t wait?  I should have waited because now this dress is available.  It’s white denim, off the shoulder ruffle, with tie at the waist.  This was one I wanted to add to my white collection no doubt.

So the winter is nearly over, but I’m still a sucker for sweater dresses simply because they are can be just as fun and flirty.  Throw on a sexy pair of boots, grab a killer bag, slap on a sassy attitude and you’re ready for the cold weather ahead.  I still want this dress for sure and best to be on my way to getting it before it leaves the catalog/web site until the next fall/winter season.

These are my picks.  What are yours?

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