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It’s a Pure Lace Addiction: The Review

April 3, 2012

🙂 Since my last post about this gorgeous lacey number, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a quick review to let ya’ll know what I thought about it. 

The Dress:  I received the dress and first let me tell you that it looks just like it looks in the catalog and online.  Definitely true to color.  It’s soft to the touch, has a nice weight to it, and the belt is made just like the dress…nothing but lace.   It’s very delecate, so in wearing the dress you have to be extra careful to ensure not to get it caught on anything that would most likely ruin it.  The lining is detachable, and the straps are adjustable.  I’d wear a strapless bra or a bra with clear straps just to get the hanging off the shoulder affect.  I hate to have my bra strap showing.  That’s just tacky at best.

The Size & Fit:  Because of my boobs, hips, and butt, I decided to go with a junior large ;).   It’s smaller than a misses large, but you get a good fit.  In my case it was the perfect size and fit.  It hangs nicely and with the laced belt to add to the glamour of the dress, I was especially happy with the overall look, style, and fit.

Shoes:  I tried on a few different kinds of ivory and beige-ish shoes to see what would work well with the dress; 5-inch wedges, 1/2-inch heel, and 5 1/2-inch T-Strap high heel sandal — I came to the conclusion and agreed that all three different styles work with the dress presenting different looks all the same.

Overall Opinion & Final Recommendations:  This was a good buy for the money ;).  And everybody knows that it’s not easy finding quality lace dresses that are made to go the distance in today’s time; has good craftsmanship applied to it, and has a good look and feel to it.  If you do, you can expect to be paying top dollar for lace dress nowadays from when they did not used to cost that much back in the 80’s/early 90’s.  I look for how the dress will fit, the true to size based on measurements, and continued care that will extend the longevity of a dress of this magnitude. 

Do I recommend this dress to my family, friends, my readers and followers?  Yes I do, 100% absolutely.  It’s a nice investment especially with the warm weather ahead.  Every woman needs at least one lace dress in her wardrobe.

Updated  11:19 a.m.

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