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It’s the Lacey Details

April 3, 2012

Once again I’ve stumbled across another fabulous lace dress.  I told you all, I have a huge lace addiction — always have.  One thing for sure, though is that I am so shocked that my daughter doesn’t like this dress.  She thinks it’s a hot mess.  I think if it didn’t have the rhinestone embellishments, she’d probably think differently about it, and if I had chosen a different color, she’d probably like the dress. 

Me being me, I think it is really beautiful with the rhinestone detail throughout the layers of the dress.  This shutter pleated dress is sure to be a definite plus to wear a special occasion and with the right shoes, you are geared for sheer elegance.  It’s not often that I get to dabble in the fashions I really enjoy such as lace, so as I am afforded the opportunity to do so, of course I am going to take advantage of it.

This lace act is a popular item at JC Penny, priced at $90, it is worth every cent.  The dress comes in three colors, black, gun metal (shown), and taupe.  I have gun metal, which at first glance I thought it was considered a deep grape color, but gun metal fits the color just fine, and with the shoes selection, I’d have to go with a dark gray, glitter or satin silver, strappy or sexy high heel pump, or a black lace open toe.  If you’re lucky enough you can find it in the store and you can get it online, too.  But it’s going fast.  This is prom and wedding season so if you want it, you’d better jump on it and get it while you can. 

That’s it for the dress collection…for now.

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