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Swing into Spring with Colorful Fashions

April 4, 2012

This spring New York & Company delights us with their New Hues collection.  After visiting the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City this past Sunday, you could not have told me that it had not been splashed with an array of colorful paints. 

With blues and greens and yellows, it was the rainbow of colors every where I looked.  But I think New York & Company is having their bestest season ever with their array of color brights.  With many styles to choose from.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the mega store sparkle up their clothing and give other stores a run for their money.

I can remember only one other time when New York & Company had a blast of color in their store, but they didn’t keep it long, so I am happy to see that they have stepped back into the trend of prints, but with an array of fashionable styles that are soothing to the eyes.  This makes you want to drop everything and run right in and take advantage of them at the prices their at.

Overall, this is new for me because they don’t always have something that catches my eye, and I usually go months or years without even given New York & Company a second look.  I think the last thing I ordered from them was a ruffled front sleeveless top, and the only reason I ordered it because they had marked the price down so low that it was practically a steal.  Who wouldn’t jump on that? 

I am happy to see the color express in New York & Company.

Another store you’ll want to track on down to is Lara’s Closet.  They bring beautiful, fun, sassy, and flirty fashions to the table, and some of their styles have that modern vintage look. 

I grew up loving the old victorian days, which some of the items I looked at gave me a hint of a reminder of those days. 


From flowy tops, to shorty shorts, to cute little fun loving dresses.  You can create a whole new wardrobe if you’re looking for something extremely different and not too over the top.  My daughter and I have been waiting for this store to open and with every expectations I have to say it went above and beyond in meeting ever expectation we had. 

You’ll find a lot of browns, tans and neutrals mixed in with soft, rich and bright vibrant colors throughout the store.  Solids and prints, flowy and cottony.  Long or short, simple or elegant — something to fit your taste whether you’re one who has to be noticed and like to be different of you like simple and less complexed.  The store is designed to reach out to the girl at heart.

Lara’s Closet is a girl’s delight bringing out that inner beauty making it a complete package.  The prices are reasonable, there’s a lot to choose from, and you can just breathea fresh breath of air because they are not your typical boutique store.  I’m a girlie girl so you know I was in love the minute I walked in the door.  It’s not too young for me as there are fashions that I can wear and feel comfortable wearing.

This is another one of those stores I highly recommend shopping in.  If you have daughters who are looking for somewhere different to shop and/or want to change their overall look, this is where you want to go.  I’m definitely taking my daughter back.

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