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Who Wore it Best: The 2012 Oscars Gold

April 5, 2012

This year turned out some stunningly dressed actresses at the 2012 Oscars ceremony.  Going back to see the Red Carpet moments I came across this picture on The Reelz where they showcase some of the best dress from that spectacular evening.

I thought Meryl Streep looked absolutely beautiful in her gold dress.  It’s perfect for her complexion and her hair.  And I especially like the way she wore her hair and how it shows off the features in her face.  I loved her in “Death Becomes Her” with Bruce Willis, Isabella Rossellini and Goldie Hawn.

Jessica Chastain’s dress was a hot number with the gold detail set atop a black background, strapless and a seductive neckline.  I’m not sure if I like her hair that way worn with that dress, and perhaps a necklace would have been nice to add to it — something that would have matched the details of the dress perfectly.  Same with Meryl’s dress, too.  As deep a neckline her dress had, perhaps a necklace or perhaps a choker necklace would have been dazzling with the dress.

Overall, it would be kind of hard to say who wore their dress the best or who looked more breathtaking.  In my opinion, I’d have to say Meryl Streep.  Not because I love her and have followed her career, but because I just think that gold really suits her.  I love the hair, the subtle makeup, and the earrings (just noticed the earrings).  Jessica’s dress was nice, too, but I think she could have kicked it up a notch.

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