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A Dress Made With Love

April 12, 2012

So, my daughter has been dipping into her creativity lately and she’s been coming up with some really good ideas on things to make.  Since the bag she and I made months ago, her latest creation was to make a one shoulder long summer dress.  We had no idea of where to go to find a sewing a pattern so we drew it out on how she wanted it to look, the color and length, and style.

Originally, it was going to have a straw string tie in the front and tie at the shoulder, instead we went something simple and came up with a really cute summery long dress (shown).

The Trip: Last Saturday we took a trip downtown Los Angeles to the garment district visiting various different fabric stores to find the right color and fabric that would work for this kind of dress.  The fabric of the dress is a rayon blend, very soft and flowy as she liked it to be. 

The Final Design:  We decided to add a trim — nothing fancy or over the top, but something that would match the flowers in the fabric, going with a burgdy-magenta like color.   We got four yards at .50 cents a yard just to be on the safe side, and I picked up matching thread for the fabric and trim, all purchased from Trim 2000 Plus, 820-9 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90014.

For the dress, I purchased the fabric from ERC Textiles#1 located at 836 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90014.  Four yards was at $2.50 a yard (actually it was $3.00 a yard, but the more you buy, you get a discount).  If I recall correctly, the entire trip costs me close to $20.00 

The Finishing Touches:  I have to make some adjustments to it like the hem line, the side stitchings, and the trim, but overall, it was a work in progress worth the making.  It took me a total of five hours to make the dress.  That includes all of the pinning, cutting, hand stitching and using her sewing machine.

You Design it, I’ll Sew It:  Sewing has been something I’ve always enjoyed.  And when she realized I knew how to sew when I made two wrap around skits years ago, a halter top, and a mini skirt with a run-through sash, she was just in awe.  My mom used to sew when my sister and I were younger, passing down the trait to me because I kept it up all these years.  Not sure if my sister sews, but I know she takes after our mom in cooking.

I saw how happy my daughter was with the overall outcome of the dress and the look on her face when she tried it on.  It said “mommy loves me” all over it.  My daughter is an amazing person, and I always try to get her to tap into her creativity because she’s a creative individual. 

Our next project is going to be an elegant dress made with a corsette.  So you can stay tuned for that one.  She and I are going over the designs now…getting ideas for the embelishments, fabric and overall style and design.  I told her that if she designs it, I’ll do my very best to make it.  I love a challenge.  My current project is a cocktail dress with floral detail.  This dress is almost finished, so you can look out for pictures of that.

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