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Angie by GUESS?

April 16, 2012

GUESS? is continuing to top the charts with their summer wear, coming up the ranks with their Angie sleeveless top of polyester and rayon blend, the compliments are sure to fly as you dazzle the fashion trends with this hot number .  You can find this top at and at Macy’s for $59. 

This fabulous top gives you the flexibility of wearing it as a suit to the office or with a pair of white jeans for fun at night when your hanging out with friends.   The blouson silhouette provides a relaxing and cool style, subtle hints of print that makes it a sensational addition to your wardrobe.   GUESS? has certainly given us something else for the spring/summer season to drool over.
Sometimes it’s the simplest tops that have the most impact just because of their simplicity in style, color and overall look.  I guess that’s why I was so drawn to this top that was paired with a pair of white skinny jeans, which I have a pair of in my closet.  $59 may seem a bit steep for a top of this magnitude, but it’s GUESS? what did you expect ;)?
Aside from the top being really cute, it’s also my favorite color blue.  My daughter says it’s a strange color addiction I have, which my mother tells me I’ve had every since I opened my eyes at birth.  Go figure!  I have other favorite colors, but this blue is my lifetime color.
Oh, before I forget, another way you can wear this top is with a cute white skort or mini skirt with a pair of sandles or wedges.  Makes for a really fun Saturday afternoon outfit.  And if you must wear a bra with it because some of us are not as perky as others, please let me recommend a strapless bra or a bra with clear straps.  It is so tacky for women to wear bras with this kind of sleeveless top that are florescent colors — I just hate seeing bra straps on tops made like this…but that’s just me ;).  Me keeping it real.
Updated 4/18/12
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