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Corrida – Paris

April 23, 2012

Picture from Corrida

If ever a store made you feel more like a woman, or a young girl inside, it’s Corrida.  A beautiful boutique located in a part of downtown you’d never expect to find it.  Discovered at 916 South Los Angeles Street, Suite #2, LA, CA  90015, the French boutique captures you with summer brights, soft and pastels, alluring and appealing fashion that captivates the senses.  Giving you shimmer and glam in tasteful styles that are eye catching with a hit of glam for the subtle elegant touch.

Corrida reaches all the right levels of being beautiful.  No reason to not want to treat yourself to something soft and pretty whether for an evening of excitement or an afternoon of simple fun.  Corrida is another one of those boutiques you can go in and get lost in.  You won’t find your run of the mill T-shirts and jeans…most definitely not.  Corrida is not that kind of boutique.  It’s a “I want to feel pretty” boutique, pushing you to the edge of reaching that inner part of you.

A Saturday afternoon spent with my daughter roaming the streets of downtown, enjoying the warm summer weather as she’s just getting over a terrible cold, we worked our way from 7th and Broadway down the south end of Los Angeles Street stumbling in to drool over a one shoulder lace dress (which I treated her to after having had such a horrible week at school).  After about thirty minutes in the store we made two purchases and smiled all the way out the door.  At first glance the boutique gives you the impression that it’s pricy and doesn’t fit into your budget when in fact, the prices are reasonable even for the most dressiest outfits carried in the store.

So if you’re tired of the same of boutique you’ve been going to, venture out to the garment district downtown Los Angeles and track on over to Corrida.  You’ll be happy you did.  And while you’re on that part of Los Angeles Street, check out the other boutiques just next door.

This is another boutique watch for you from Studio5.

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