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This Week’s Community Buzz

April 24, 2012

Another Ross Store:  Apparently Ross Stores is continuing to grow its chain by opening new stores throughout the Los Angeles basis with the newest store to be located downtown Los Angeles on Broadway between 7th Street and 8th Street.  While I’ve been a long time shopper of Ross Stores since 2005, I’m curious to see what brands they bring to the new location.  It’s in a prime location so it will no doubt have a shortage of supporting customers.  I just hope they spring for alert and ready to leap security guards.  Stay tuned for more information as to when the store will be open.  That’s going to be bad for me because the bus I take to go home stops right in front of it!!!  Oh the horror ;).  But Ross is one of those stores next to Marshalls that you can get your dollar’s worth.

Don’t Forget, Flowers are In This Season, too:  Boutique owners agree with me that flowers and floral prints are definitely back in this spring/summer season.  As one boutique manager stated, “you’re definitely seeing a lot of flowers this years.”  This year, however, it’s more about a color splash, color blocking, and subtle floral prints that are catching the eye.

The Maxi Dress:  Did you notice how “long,” used to determined the length of a dress has been replaced by “maxi,” now used to describe the long dress?  It’s almost mind-blowing how the fashion lingo has changed over the years.  But I can certainly agree with how the term defines our long dresses of today in their styles that are just amazing.

Maxi Dresses does a fabulous job in outlining the many types of maxi dresses there are to choose from.  From prints to solids; from long and slim to long wide and flowy.  I love it.  And now what’s nice is they are not just catered to the loungy-type atmosphere.  You can take a maxi dress to the limit of glamourizing it up creating a chic and elegant look without limiting its full potential of use.

Best places to get maxi dresses without killing your pocket book are — and you should already know this — local boutiques, swapmeets, Ross Stores, Rainbow stores, and even Factory-2-U, believe it or not.  I managed to pick up two really hot maxi dresses — one for myself at $10.99, and one for my daughter at $9.99.  This is the best time to get your hands on one because once the summer months really hit, they are going to be flying off the racks and ridiculous prices once those sales really get going.

Zumba Those Calories Away:  If you’re like me tired of the old weight loss mumbo-jumbo, I have experienced first hand that the best and ultimate work out is Zumba.  It keeps you moving and the dance moves works areas you did not know existed.  Forget those weight loss supplements or diet fads that just aren’t doing what television ads say they do.  The best workout you can have is creating a fun work out routine and change the way you eat.

We have the Zumba for Wii at home, but decided join a huge crowd at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza every Tuesday at 7:30 on the bridge located just outside Macy’s on the second level.  It’s free to join — and you know we all like the word “free” — you just have to be sure to sign in (it’s a waiver all participants must sign).  It goes for an hour and it’s fun and you can feel the burn.  Be sure to bring a bottle of water and be prepared to work your body until you can’t work it no more. 

So if you live in the area, are in close proximity or you are willing to make the drive, head on over to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza located at  3650 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90008, 323 290-6636.

Friday Night Jazz at LACMA:  Getting off the fashion topic for just a moment, I wanted to let everyone know that if you live in Los Angeles, and you’ve attended previous Friday Night Jazz events, you’ll be happy to know that the famed museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is gearing for another season of great music, food and social gatherings every Friday night starting Friday, April 27 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

Photo from LACMA

First up is legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell and the Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra Unlimited.  The concert marks the premiere of the Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra Unlimited (LAJOU), featuring some of the finest jazz musicians in the city.  You’ll be delighted by new music co-directed by Kenny Burrell, Charley Harrison, and Dr. Bobby Rodriguez.  This is a tribute to the late great Duke Ellington honoring his birthday of April 29.  Kenny Burrell has quite q reputation having worked with noted musicians such as Dizzie Gillespie and Oscar Peterson.  He’s quite a resume of music profession that you’ll be treated to a fabulous evening.

There are no reservations to make, it’s totally free, just pay for parking, but if you come after 7:00 you’ll get to enjoy free parking.  At least that’s what I was told when I went two years ago.  It may have changed, but not sure. Go and enjoy yourself.  The museum is located at 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90036, 323 857-6000.  Bring the family and friends or bring a date, have dinner, drinks, enjoy a nice picnic during the warmer evenings.  Every Friday is someone different and just ast eventful.  You’re sure to meet up with old friends, make new friends, and it’s a great way to unwind.

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