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TheTeen Scene: Maxi’ing It All the Way

April 30, 2012

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I never thought I’d see the day when my daughter would really step up her wardrobe by adding more maxi dresses and skirts, and flats.  It seems that the sudden change in wardrobe style is sparked with her coming of age (turning 18 in December).  The boots wearing teenager has taken more of a liking to the long, flowy type dresses and are realizing their comfort uniqueness, the variety of styles, and the many looks one can create.

Visiting the boutique, Just 4 You, located at 923 Santee Street, Unit 2, Los Angeles, CA  90015, 213 627-5777, she found this really cute long skirt, blue with white stripes, similar to the one above.  She paired the long garment with a thin pin-striped shirt, and black balerina flats.  A really cute and loungy outfit that kept her comfortable and cool during the warm weather we experienced this weekend.


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Stepping into the summer scene, I’m finding a lot of teen girls dressing up their maxi skirts with an array of colorful flowy tops (like shown above), or they’ll indulge themselves in cute tank tops and T’s that give them a chic, but comfort look dressed with some of today’s trendiest flats and sandals.

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This prom season, I saw a lot maxi-styled dresses being the popular norm among the many girls who paved the streets of downtown Los Angeles’ famed garment district — crowding the many dress stores in search of that perfect dress.  Whether they were going for a solid color or a printed look to be in the right color coordination for the evening. 

Having a daughter, is my favorite site to go to when in search of that perfect dress.  I have seen her taste in fashion change from the age of 10 to the age of 17, and as she continues to grow so does her style continue to change, and with that, as her mom, I must be prepared for whatever she throws my way.  She is exploring the many styles of fashion and experimenting with many looks; with maxi skirts and dresses being on the top of her list this summer, I am curious as to what she comes up with in the months ahead as we move forward into the warmer days. 

This week’s  best stores for shopping for maxi dresses and skirts, with the best prices:

  • Lara’s Closet, 6000 Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 1541, Culver City, CA , 310 636-1717 (located in the Westfield Culver City Mall) 
  • Just 4 You, 923 Santee Street, Unit 2, Los Angeles, CA  90015, 213 627-5777
  • Corrida, 916 Los Angeles, Street, Unit 2, Los Angeles, CA  90015, 213 623-0080
  • Rainbow, for locations go to (3 locations: one on Broadway between 7th and 8th, La Brea and Rodeo Road next to Bank of America, and on Slauson and Crenshaw.  Check the web site for exact address and phone numbers)
  • Western Larger Sizes, 1651 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90006, 323 737-8849

Get your money’s worth when shopping for that teen girl who is having a fashion outburst, exploring many diffeent trends, and is going for something new and different, or is revamping and updating her wardrobe in the teen fashion scene.

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