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Fashion Fridays

May 18, 2012

1st Edition, May 18, 2012

In this Edition

  1. Outfit of the Week
  2. Pretty in Dots
  3. The Color Blocking Trend
  4. Spring into Summer with Boutique Greats
  5. Picture of the Week
  6. Taking Spring by the Hand
  7. Another Foot Care Piece for the High Heel Lovers

1…Outfit of the Week:  With the weather finally having gave away to beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures, I braved the street scene with my vibrant splash of colors.  I was a hit at work and the colors spoke volumes.

You knew I couldn’t let this ensemble get away from me at New York & Company.  To bring up the color scheme I brightened the ensemble up with my white strappy high heel sandals to give it that summery look. 

2…Pretty in Dots:  I absolutely love this dress for a number of reasons.  It’s fun and flirty has a sassiness to it that just makes it fun to wear and the fabric is just to die for…I just love flowiness. 

I saw a young lady recently in this dress with the trim at the sleeves.  I recognized it right away because it’s very much like the one I have at home except it doesn’t have the trim around the edge of the sleeves, but it’s still really cute all the same. 

I admired how she had it dressed up, with a hot pair of high heel sandals, and a thick black belt, which gave the dress a more appealing and sassy look, just like I had envisioned wearing my dress.

Her hair and makeup was excellently done, and she didn’t over power the dress with gaudy accessories.  She kept it simple and carried a small black clutch purse.  I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of her, but this is the dress she was wearing.

She gets two thumbs up from me.  She did a fabulous job putting her ensemble together.

3…The Color Blocking Trend:  My daughter recently asked me if the color blocking trend was new.  In the way they are presenting it this year of new trends, in all fairness, it’s not really all that new if you think about it.  It’s a matter of designers putting a different spin on contributing to the ability to combine colors in a bold sense, thus color blocking them together in one garment and making it look fashionable and trendy, such that consumers will flock to the idea.  No, I just wouldn’t necessarily call it new by any means. 

Color blocking has been around as far back as I can remember — the 80’s era where wild, bold and daring, and that’s when daring to be notice was the theme.  I should know, I was a part of that era.  But with time I grew up and out of that stage; studded wrap around belts, big head bands, long shirt dresses, sweatshirts with the necks cut out, baggy pants with multi colored shirts, lace gloves without the finger tips, fish net stockings, leg warmers, big hair, you name it, I tried just about every fashion style there was, created many different trends of my own. 

In today’s iconic fashion industry we simply should look at it as a different approach to blending colors together creating a bold, new, eye-popping looks in a blocking form.  The new generation will think it’s new to them unless some genius decides to research it and find its origin.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new designs they are coming out with.  It’s an exploration of colors by offering choices.  Especially with the splash of bright colors you are finding at retailers like New York & Company, Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart.  And they are not just in fashion, but in shoes, too.  It’s an edge on colors that gives you tons of options to pick and choose from.

This photo from Two.One.Five gives us a bold look at the many designs that color blocking has taken on new meaning for some stepping into the world of fashion today.  This was my favorite group  because the colors are not hard, they are subtle and offer sex appeal.  These peaces say, “See me now, hear me roar!”  Taking names and asking questions later.  Just how I like it.

4…Spring into Summer with Boutique Greats:  If you haven’t already been checking out the latest in boutique finds, then you are seriously missing out on some fabulous deals.  First of all let me tell you that if you’re not shopping Downtown Los Angeles, then you’re probably spending too much on items like dresses, tops, shoes, jeans, accessories, etc.

5…Picture of the Week:  This week after spending some time catching up on my blogging, I surfed the internet for the latest in fashion news and came across this gorgeous picture of Fergie from the Down Cat Blog from October 2011 (be sure to check out their posts).  It’s an old photo, but it’s very much worth the show and tell.

From what I read she was at the famous Hollywood Palladium in here in Los Angeles, attending the “Decade of Difference” hosted by the Bill Clinton Foundation. The dress is by Georges Chakra crafted in navy blue atop a white background.  I am drawn to this dress because I love the one-shoulder look and the poof ball in the shoulder, very chic, and not a widely seen style in one shoulder dresses.

I googled the designer to get a gander at the 2011 collection and was certainly dazzled by the couture cast of wears the designer brought to the stage.


This picture seen from Fashion Bride is breath taking and alluring.  This is one of the upper high class dresses you do not get caught ewearing to anywhere but an over the top gala event.

I thought this was above and beyond the level of being different.  I actually love this dress because it’s one of those dresses you don’t see all the time and can be considered unique.  I think the writes at Now Fashion captured the beauty of this dress as it graced the stage.  Be sure to look at other fashionable greats at their site.

6…Taking Spring Day by the Hand:  I did a double take when I ran in to her on one of my clinic days at work.  Cutely dressed and ready for the warm day.  I guess what caught my attention wasn’t so much her makeup, but her entire outfit.  There’s something about red and white splashed together in a pretty pattern that always gets my attention.  And I loved the way she wore her hair.  The updo was nicely done and it set off the ensemble just right.  I thought wearing the white wedges was a nice touch, too, really added that spring/summer flare to it.  The earrings matched the dress and she threw in the red bangle bracelet…I thought it did it justice. 

She seemed a little shocked 😯 when I told her I really liked her outfit.  I thought she was going to faint when I came back and asked her if I could put her on my fashion blog.  Seeming also a little shy, she did agreed to let me photograph her using nothing my cell phone,  although I was right in the middle of my clinic day.

Overall, I thought she did an excellent job with her outfit.  Very well coordinated. 😛

7…Another Piece on Foot Care for the High Heel Lovers:  It’s that time again where I present a post on proper foot care for those of you who absolutely can’t live without your high heels (like me). 🙂 

While they are fun to wear, make us look sexy, makes our legs look longer and sleeker, and we receive tons of compliments, let’s take the time to remember that we have to take extremely good care of our feet in the process in order to continue to enjoy wearing our high heels.  Best and proper foot care should be the number one rule.  Once you fall into the routine it will become second nature to you. 

😕 Without proper foot care in extensively wearing high heels we are causing severe damage to our feet.  Now I know you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?  Experts have stated this time and time again and it’s been in the news several times.  So, at some point it’s time to take a lesson to it and start practicing it. 

If you suffer from back problems, you probably want to consider lowering your heel height, going with a thicker heel, or considering wearing flats or low wedges in stead to take the pressure off your back and to avoid other back issues that could occur.

If you’ve never considered foot care for your feet and this is your first time reading my posts on the subject, I’ll try to make this as brief and as thorough as possible.

Believe it or not feet get tired, too, just like when your body feels exhausted, your feet are feeling the same way when you are wearing high heels for long periods of time throughout the day or evening, and standing and walking for long periods of time.  I’m not just talking about those little 2-inch or 3-inch heels, or the ones with hardly a heel on it, I’m talking about high heels with 3 inches and up, as high as 6-inches.  Come on, I know I’m nto the only one.  If you’re like me (I generally don’t wear anything under 4-inches) and wear 4 inches up to a 6-inch heel, that includes wedges, too, pressure is being put on various parts of your feet, thus causing the tendons to overwork themselves.  These tips will help you to train yourself to take care of your feet:

  • Avoid wearing shoes that constrict your feet.  This means shoes that are too tight and cause quite a bit of discomfort.  This can cause bunions, hammertoe and other foot problems over a long period of time.  Go for a more narrow, snug (but not tight) fitting shoe that will not cause your feet to slide forward in your shoes.  If your toes are pinching, chances are your shoes are definitely too tight.  Extended wear of pinching shoes can cause damage that is related to bunions, hammertoe and even ingrown toe nails.  Extensive damage is said to only be repairable by surgery.  Some women who have ingrown toe nails is usually because their shoes are too tight.
  • Using padded insoles can act as a buffer between your feet and the ground.  As we get older we lose the fat in the bottom of our feet.  Did you know that?  Experts warn against cosmetic procedures like repadding the bottom of the foot using injections such as injections of silicone or wrinkle filling injections like Restalyne, it is not a very good idea.  Injections into the feet is an alarming trend.  The risk far more outweigh the benefits which includes infection, nerve injury, and the difficulty of walking.
  • Wear open toe shoes, again, that are not too tight.  This gives your toes a little room to wiggle and reduces calluses
  • Keep flat shoes or tennis at work.  When you work in a company that requires you to be on your feet all day, it’s best to have a pair of flats or tennis in your desk you can interchange with.  This takes pressure off the balls of your feet, your legs and your back.
  • Get off your feet for at least 45 minutes to an hour with your shoes off.  This gives your feet time to rest and breathe. 
  • Soak your feet in epsom salt or other foot care treatments that will work to sooth and relax your feet.  Wear cotton socks and elevate your feet after a long hard day and after you’ve soaked them for up to 15-20 minutes (I soak mine for as long as 30 minutes – keeping the water as hot as I can stand it).
  • Use a pumis stone or a foot scrubber to scrub away dry skin and use special lotions designed to beautify and provide moisture to your feet.
  • Cushion…cushion…cushion…I can’t emphasize this enough.  As mentioned earlier, with age we lose the padding (the fat) in the bottom of our feet so we are absorbing more of the shock when we walk.  I tend to wear high heels with a 1/2 in to 1 1/2 platform.  That tends to take the pressure off the ball of my foot and I look for a snug, but not tight, fit, especially when I’m out dancing.

As we get older those skinny heels are not as inviting as they used to be, thus drawing us closer to the thicker heels that are becoming more and more attractive as shoe designers are getting more and more creative.  I tend to look for shoes that have thick padding.  I’ve been fortunate to find some over the years and since I’m hitting my mid 40’s it’s ever increasingly important that my shoes are comfortable.  If when I try them on and walk around and don’t feel comfortable, they go back to the rack.

If you have no intentions on giving up your high heels any time soon, practice the best foot care you can possible.  If your health or other reasons have taken you out of your high heels, it’s probably for the best.  If you can stick a pen or a thin cell phone in the back of your heel in your shoes, chances are they are too big and/or don’t fit properly.

There’s an interesting article on WebMD for Women that you should read.  I recommend reading it and becoming more versed on the importance of taking care of your feet during extended periods of time of wearing high heels.  Your feet will thank you in the end.

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