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Fashion Fridays

May 31, 2012

2nd Edition, May 25, 2012

1…A Happy Birthday Shout Out

2…Those Crazy Print Leggings

3…What Not to Wear to a Male Review Show

4…Wedding Etiquettes: Appropriate Attire for Guests

1…A Happy Birthday Shout Out:  I want to send a warm Happy Birthday to my guy, James, who just turned 60 on the 23rd of this month.  “May you enjoy many more birthdays to come.  It’s not about how old you are, but how better you’ve become in health.”  We are all blessed that he is still here to see another birthday after surviving a heart attack on April 5, 2010.  It was a scary moment for me as I was right there when it was all taking place that early, early morning just after 2:30 a.m.  I don’t think I ever prayed so hard that God would not take him, or have ever been that scared.  I spent every day at the hospital with him except the last day, but I was there.  I had to see him to ease my mind that he was doing ok.  He spent weeks in the hospital both at Good Samaritan and Kaiser, and once he came home he picked up his life and kept it moving.  With each passing second, minute, day, month, week, and year, he’s got tons to be thankful for.

–Moving on–

2…Those Crazy Print Leggings:  They are becoming a fashion addiction with splashes of vibrant colors brought together in the leggings we all know and love so well in their variety of solid colors, styles and designs.  Now with all the colors, it’s one more thing girls can have fun with.

The wild and crazy print designs are taking center stage.  The creation of new outfits stemming  as some of the younger girls are just having a blast throwing.  It just reminds of the 80’s when girls wore those wild and crazy patterns as a major fashion statement…dare to be seen and noticed. 

These are the wildest I’ve seen them (photo from ThisNext).  How do you wear crazy print leggings?  Some would say it’s simple, but if you’re new to the fashion craze, it’s very hard to go wrong and just throw together an outfit that just won’t work.  The best outfit I’ve seen is a cute white tunic and a pair of high white heels, or a long black shirt with a pair of black high heels.  I’ve seen them worn with flat sandals and a T-Shirt, but I just didn’t seem to gravitate to that whole idea.  Tunic and high heels is the best way to go.  White seems to bring out the colors, while black seems to draw attention to the dark colors — both black and white working well.  If you go with a top to work with the brighter colors, be careful not to be too off with the color matching.  If you want to add to the outfit, a wide belt would work, too.  Lots of girls are wearing them with just about anything to really dress up an outfit.

3…What Not to Wear to a Male Review Show:  Like the men, women have favorite male strip clubs they travel to on a regular basis, with some being more on the risque side than others; some be partially nude with others being totally nude.  And the stories I’ve heard are hilarious and mouth dropping. 

Here’s the thing…totally nude shows is not for the faint at heart, so if you’re not use to the exotic entertainment of having a totally nude man dancing on the stage and parading around, do yourself a favor and don’t go. 

What to wear.  Think about it!  Many of these performers get buck wild, wickedly loose in their performance that any woman can find themselves on the floor, one the stage or stuck in a chair — them becoming a part of the performance.  I honestly would not recommend wearing a dress of any length, nor would I recommend wearing white or light clothing.  You may find whatever body oils they are wearing, sweat, or body juices all over you…just saying.  Stick with pants or capri pants.  I wouldn’t even recommend short shorts because even that can be a little on the dangerous side.  Try not to wear tops that have a too low cut neckline you may find your “girls” making an appearance. 

You can wear club appropriate clothing be think carefully in choosing the outfit.  The performers tend to get up close and personal so you don’t want your body parts being showed to everyone who is in the club.  High heel shoes are a good idea, but make sure they are those you are going to feel comfortable getting up dancing in from time to time because there will be those moments (depending on where you go) where you and some friends will want to get up and cut a rug.

Keep the outfit you choose simple and light as it tends to be warm in these places, so you don’t want to sweat.  And the most important, have fun while looking good, just be cautious in what you wear because like I said you can become a part of the performance.

4…Wedding Etiquettes: Appropriate Attire for Guests:  I love attending weddings.  The ones I’ve attended years ago were beautiful and everyone looked attractively dressed right on down to the children, the bridesmaids and the best man.  But you always find one or two who didn’t quite pull it together in choosing what to wear to a wedding.  First of all, everyone knows that it’s in bad taste to wear white when the bride is wearing white, and everyone knows you do not wear all black.  Remember you’re not going to a funeral.  You don’t want your chosen outfit to look too casual like you’re going to the beach or to the park; and you don’t want to look like you’re going to the office or to the nightclub.  Who does that?  Realistically, they have fashion solely designed just for wedding occasions.

Photo from Wedding Party Guest.

If you’ve ever attended a garden wedding or a wedding on the beach then you know those tend to be an over the top and elegant affair that being the guest who is appropriately dressed is just as important, but whatever you don’t upstage the bride. 

It’s so easy to over dress and under dress when attending a wedding that you are not well versed on to what is good and what isn’t so good to wear.  Fortunately there are several sites online that gives valuable information and tips on how to find the right outfit.  Sites like Wedding Party Guest provides valuable information on the best dresses to wear (see photo above).  Based on what your individual style and taste may be you can find something just as well to suit you best and not spend a fortune. 

Don’t know where to shop?  Best places to go for an inexpensive dress is downtown at the garment district, JC Penny, Ross Stores, and many local area boutiques that cater to fine evening wear.  Give yourself enough time to find that perfect ensemble from accessories to shoes to the right dress or pant suit.  Oh, yes, I forgot to mention pant suits.  They are popular, too, for those who do not fancy dresses.  The garment district is the best place to find some if you take your time and look, and of course online sites can give you many choices.

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