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~~My New Favorite thing~~

June 1, 2012

Lately I’ve been fascinated with high-low skirts.  They just have a sexy look to them that I find very pleasing to me.  The first one I bought was a pleated black with white polka dots skirt.  I love the way they flow how they make a pair of high heels look and it just dresses up my wardrobe nicely, too.

And now the one I am working on getting is this one here, but from the boutique on Santee Street downtown.  It’s roughly the same price, which is about $45, but I would have to pay shipping if I order it online, and online it’s $46 and $49.90. 

I wouldn’t necessarily wear a dark solid color with it because of the pastel color it is.  I’d go with a softer color like an off white, ivory or even perhaps a light beige.  A dark solid color just seems to take away from a pretty skirt like this.

I would choose shoes that compliment the skirt, too.  Like a strappy high heel sandal or slide in a color that makes the skirt stand out.  Bulky shoes are not a good match up with it.  But not everyone thinks that way and has their on style and tase.

I especially love the length of the back of the skirt, too.  With my height and the right high heel sandal, it would work wonders.  But again, the right shoes is key.  I would not wear wedges with it.  It’s too nice of a skirt to wear the wrong top and shoes with it.  That’s just me.  I can elegant-up this skirt just by adding a beautiful chifon top and, of course, high heel sandals, which are a must.

Most likely while I’m out shopping for a wedding gift for a friend of mine’s sister over the weekend, I may just drop on over to the shop and get this skirt.  I have a really cute top at home I think would go with it along with some really cute high heel sandals that would just make the outfit pop.

Clicking on the photos will redirect you to their corresponding sites.  Thank you for reading my post.

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