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True Story~~

June 1, 2012

Here’s something to laugh at.  My mom and I laugh about this all the time to this day.   So, back in 1996 or so just before I left my ex-husband, I’d taken my daughter over to my mom’s to pick her up to take her to run her errands.  This is about the time when the $7 Store (now Rainbow) opened over on Rodeo Road and La Brea.  It was a beautiful warm day. 

I had my daughter dressed in a cute little Osh-Kosh outfit which my mom adored, and a pair of cute sandals.  As we walked in the door she commented on how she loved the outfit my daughter had on, but when she took one look at me it was like all time had stopped.  Her words exactly, “What the HELL are you wearing?”  Honestly, I didn’t think anything was wrong with my outfit.  I had on a long hunter green polo shirt, a pair of white leggings, and a pair of sandals.  She said, “the only thing you have going for you is your hair and your shoes!!!”  She literally had me drive over to the $7 Store, made me pick out an outfit, try it on make sure I liked it and that it fit and once that was confirmed, she politely took the clothes I had worn — dared me to say anything — and threw them in the trash, took the tags from the clothes I tried on and marched over to the cashier and paid for them.  I said, “but mom, I could use that to sleep in at least!”  She gave me this look like, “don’t even think about it!”  I just said, “yes ma’am.”  People in the store were laughing at us because we were having such a hilarious dialog back and forth about picking out an outfit versus wanting to keep the one I had on — wasn’t going to happen!  She even told me to not have her thrash me in the middle of the store if I didn’t cooperate.   I didn’t want the humiliation of being a grown woman getting thrashed by her mother.  So I cooperated.  She said she threw the outfit away because she didn’t want me to be tempted to wear it again, and she certainly did not want to see it again…thought it was the ugliest outfit she’d ever seen me in.  Yikes!

Basically she said I knew better than and that’s not who I was.  “I better not see you ever dressed that ratty!” She scolded me.  And the whole time my now 17-year old daughter (she was turning 2-years that year) was laughing at us, “you funn, granny!”  She blurted out.

Now I have to dress like I have half the sense God gave me (the picture above is part of my wardrobe) because I never know when my mother might show up at work, or jump out of a bush.  And she is very critical if I wear something that wasn’t coordinated right.  It drives her mad!  She was a fashion queen back in the day so yeah, she pays attention to evey fashion detail.

It took me a while to build my wardrobe back up, but I did.  And now if I show up in something nice she looks at me and says, “you couldn’t have come dressed decently ratty?”  I just look at her and ask her if there’s even such a thing?  We laugh all the time about that day.  Just goes to show you how situations can take you from being who you’re used to being and it takes tough love to snap you back.


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