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Teen Scene: A Skirt Worth Waiting For

June 2, 2012

One thing I stress in my household is getting good grades, working hard, and earning your dollar!  You get nothing for free if it’s not earned, and I can truly say my daughter has gone above and beyond the call of duty of following the motto at every step of the way.  I am so proud of her and the hard work and effort she’s put into bringing up her grades and helping me around the house, and with the cooking.

So, recently (about two months ago) she saw this skirt at a downtown boutique and has been crying for this skirt every since.  At $59.99 I decided that the only way she got that skirt was to work for it.  Meaning good grades and helping around the house whenever I needed it, and doing what she’s asked.

Two months later, well, let’s just say about a few weeks ago, she did just that and without any fuss, simply got the job done.  She text messaged me her progress report and I was so thrilled that she more than earned the skirt she’s been crying for.

So, as a treat from me for all the hard work she’s shown last month, and for a tremendous job she did for bringing up her grades and going the extra step to help me around the house, I took her down to her favorite boutique and shelled out $64 and some change for this gorgeous high low skirt with a ruffled trim and inside lining.  The young lady assisting us stated that the skirt should be best worn with a lovely thin white or ivory/cream top, anything darker would make it too busy, meaning that it’s preferable not to go with a dark solid colored top.

It has a lovely flowiness to it, and is best worn with a nice pair of high heels.  It has a nice belt which can be substituted with another thick/wide belt to add a different look to it.  And it has a nice weight to it, too.

This is probably the best skirt I’ve gotten her because it is so stylish and I would have to admit it is worth every penny.  Aside from the layered lining, it is fully lined.

She is getting into skirts more, which only means that her wardrobe is acquiring more skirts for her to choose from.  Maxi skirts, short skirts (just above knee length), and high-low skirts.

You can see just how it flows as she strolls down the walk way at our house.

It has a real elegant look to it.

I took different photos of it just to get different angles.  She really looked amazing in this skirt.  The top is also from a boutique, but close to where we live.  The suede round toe high heel are from JC Penny.

The dynamics of the skirt shows it was well crafted.  Truly a quality product.  It’s said to be a Ralph Lauren skirt, but I’ve seen no evidence of it, but nonetheless, I love the skirt and she really looked amazing in it.

In short, this is what good grades, hard work, and help around the house awarded her, and she’s proud of herself for all she’s accomplished.










Updated Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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