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Style File: Getting Back to Basics

June 5, 2012

Wild and exotic shoes are fun to wear.  They show just how much style you have, your freedom to express yourself, the need to be noticed, and just how much of a trend follower and trend setter you are. 

Every now and then I like to go back to my routes.  Where simple and subtle was ok and you weren’t risking being out of style.  Pumps are no longer the norm, and your options are no limited to one style or design as long as you keep an open mind. 

These stylish heels are a must have as they remind me of a pair I had purchased from a store in Hollywood some years back.  They featuring patent faux leather upper with ankle strap, side buckle closure, pointed closed toe, stitched detailing, smooth lining, and cushioned footbed.  And they are finished with an approximately 3 1/2 inch heels. 
Now some of you might be fainting right about me.  Me in a 3 1/2 in heel?  You might even be saying that it’s not possible.  As I get older I am finding that even I have to be a little more flexible in my heel height and bring it down a notch.  Don’t get me wrong, I am keep my 4, 5 and 6 inchers close by.
Another reason why I decided to go with a lower heel, too, is because of where I work.  Lots of walking that wearing a 4-6-inch is just not ideal, nor is good for my legs, feet and back.  But they maintain my stylish look with my capri pants, my slacks and my black jeans.
Plus at $14.99 from, I was not letting them get away.  They also have them in green, silver and white.  I thought about getting the green ones, but I can’t think of a thing in my wardrobe that I have that would remotely come close to being able to wear with them.  I thought about the silver, but I can’t wrap my mind around a pointy toe in silver with a low heel.  And of course the white…I’m still thinking about the white.   At that price, you can’t go wrong.  Anywhere else and you’re bound to pay 2-3 times more.
It’s a simple shoe that is basic in itself.  It’s a contemporary shoe with a dressy casual look, which is a temporary get away from the wild and exotic, but still maintains its stylish appeal and flare.
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