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Fashion Fridays

June 8, 2012

4th Edition, June 8, 2012

Escaping the Summer Blues:  Best Summer Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

1…Less is Not Always Better

2…Summer Dresses that Work for You

3…Shoes and Things:  If They Don’t Fit, Don’t Buy Them

4…Blazers are a Nice Addition to an Outfit

Summer is officially here on Wednesday, June 20 and I am sure many are still pondering the thought of what summer fashions to wear.  Here are some do’s and don’ts that might help you move in the right direction of picking and choosing the right summer styles as well as help you from making choices you may regret later on.

1…Less is not Always Better:   Contrary to what you may want to believe to be true, it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that just because it’s a warm summer day that less is always better.  But going to the extreme, I think it’s always misconstrued as believing that anything goes and calling it a fashion statement.

If you’ve never believed the Walmart stories you’ve heard the or the pictures you’ve seen, I’m here to tell you they are all true, real and accurate.  This is an example of a young lady I saw shopping at a local Walmart this past weekend, an example of taking too much advantage of a day of beautiful weather.  It’s not a fashion statement nor is it an extension of her personality, and I am surprised the gentleman she was with (standing behind her) was acceptable of her outfit choice of the day.  Frankly, it just says “this is what I am wearing and I don’t give a damn who don’t like it,” clearly not a lot of thought process went into her decision making.  Somewhere in her thinking she thought this looked good at the time.  After all it was a warm beautiful day.

Be sure to choose summer wear that is complimentary of you, your sense of style, your taste in fashion and your personality.  Don’t choose tight fitting clothing if you are curvy because what may work for a more slender person who can comfortably wear tight fitting clothing, may not necessarily work for you.  This is a common mistake I see many women make.  This goes for tops, T-shirts and blouses with a low neckline.  If you have large breasts, be considerate of others and don’t wear tops that make your breasts seem as if they are about to pop out at any moment.  Wear tops that are complimentary of your breastline; that are tasteful and stylish.  The public will thank you.

Avoid short shorts if “you got back” and large thighs.  This is simply because short shorts — or booty shorts — was not made for everyone, thus everyone cannot wear them.  Fortunately, there are a variety of shorts made for all body types.

2…Summer Dresses that Work for You:  This year there is a huge variety of summer/maxi dresses that are fun, stylish, sassy and just overall a real treat for warm weather.  The common mistake that many of us make is that we wear those dresses that don’t compliment our body type, thus making the dresses unattractive.  This being the case, choose dresses that best matches your body type. 

Dorothy Perkins is a good place to go and find stylish and fashionable maxi dresses at reasonable prices, like this grey draped jersey maxi dress that is really cute and ideal for weekend fun, hanging out with your friends, or just spend a day taking in the sun. 

Want something you can turn from a day look to a night look?  This taupe knot maxi dress can dual as a day time look and a night time look dressed up with a sassy pair of high heel sandals…not a pump, please.

Curvier women I recommend Torrid, The Mode, Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant, and stores that really cater to your body type and needs.  My favorite, however, is Ashley Stewart, they really make their clothes to fit just about all body types, even me with my hips and height. 

3…Shoes and Things — If They Don’t Fit, Don’t Buy Them:  There is the misconception that many women fall victim to and that’s believing that their shoe size is smaller than it actually is.  Case in point:  If your toes are literally sitting on the grown in your sandals (regardless of heel or height), or flats, that’s a major sign that the shoes are too small. 

We all love our flip-flops, sandals and flats, especially during the summer weather, but it’s important to find them in the right size, styles and colors that can be coordinated with a number of outfits.

If the shoes do not compliment your feet, they certainly are not going to do wonders for the outfit.  Color coordination is a huge thing with me because it says so much for the outfit itself, and it says a lot about my personality, too.  I may follow trends, but I majorly follow a style that is much older than I am, I just make it more modern.

Finding the right shoes can be as easy as 1-2-3, it’s a matter of smart thinking and determining what works best.  I recommend when shopping for shoes for an outfit, is to take a picture of the outfit so you have something to go by.  This way coordinating the colors can make the process a lot smoother and less of a headache.

If you’re going for a heel, go with a height you’re most comfortable with.  Refrain from choosing heights that you have never worn, or are problematic for your feet, back, and legs, especially if you’ve experienced problems before.  If you can try the shoes on, I recommend doing so…walking around a bit just to get a feel and determine if that’s the right shoe.  If you’re going with an open toe or sandal, and your toes come over the edge, go with a half size smaller, but if even the half size smaller is too tight, it would be best to try a different pair of shoes.

Always keep in mind that what shoes may work for someone else’s feet may not necessarily work on your feet.  No one woman’s feet are the same.

4…Blazers are a Nice Addition to an Outfit:  What I also find that goes really nice with an outfit is a nice blazer.  The ruched sleeved blazers that are coming in an array of styles and colors seem to scream fashion trend.  The most recent blazer I purchased was for my daughter and it was a denim blend, had one button and ruched sleeves and round bottom ends.  Worn with her blue and white striped maxi skirt with a tank top and flat sandals, she put together a really trendy teen girl outfit that I thought was well done.

Blazers are not just for the office or for important meetings, as we are seeing the transcend into something more inspiring ensembles that are going from day to night.  Ladies are stepping more in to increasing the number of styles to which blazers can be worn (i.e., shorts, jeans, skirts, maxi skirts, over maxi dresses — just to give you an idea).  But again, coordination is key.  Keep in mind that it is easy to down-dress a blazer if you’re not careful, because  there are just some outfits a blazer will not work.

Overall, you can style your outfit with some of today’s hottest styles in blazers.

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