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Black & White Ruffles Soon to Arrive

June 13, 2012

Talk about luck!  I tried ordering this top last year but it was supposedly discontinued.  I decided to take a chance and go back to to see if they had it, and sure enough they did, and in the color I wanted, and it was on sale.  The long anticipated wait is over!!!

I’m all about ruffles!  Can’t get enough of them which is why I tried like crazy trying to get my hands on this top.  When I get it I plan on wearing it with a cute short semi mini skirt, nice elegant open toe pumps, sling backs of and nice strappy high heel sandal to bring up the look of the top — stepping out for the evening.

It’s a nice evening top to wear out to a nice dinner, or an special event.  I don’t quite seeing this as a day time top to wear to the office or just hanging out with friends.  If I were to wear it to the office, it would have to be with a paif of black slacks and my Carlos Santa black pumps.  The updo is a nice hairstyle to wear because it shows off the collar of the top.

I’ll give you my review once I receive it.

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