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Today’s Man of Fashion

June 13, 2012

I write so much about women’s fashion that I have neglected to do more posts on fashion for men, thus having a man at home, I am just as much interested in what today’s man is wearing as I am in the latest styles for women.  You are probably asking yourself, “why is she doing a post on men’s fashion?”  Hey, there are men out there who like to look good, too, so why not, right?  Let’s face it, if my man looks good, you know I have to look good whenever we walk out the house.  No sweats and tennis shoes for me 😉.  That’s more compliments between the both of us when we are both looking hot 🙂.

Where to shop for the best fashion for men?  At best, I can say to start at Sears.  They really good fashion whether for work or play for men; who are on the go, working in the office, lounging around at home, or stepping out for the evening.  And since my guy has been a home-bodied individual, he likes to wear his jeans and whatever shirt he decides to pull out of the closet or his drawer.  Nevertheless, I like to see him in nice button down, jeans, and a casual pair of comfortable shoes.  I also like to his him in those sweaters with the zipper front sweaters, like this one from J.Crew.  He knows that when I buy him clothes, of course, I won’t spent a fortune, but I look for quality.

Covington has shirt and tie combos — sold at Sears — one in particular is the paisley tie over a blue shirt…delicious!  I’m suit and tie lover, so I love to see him really dressed up sharp.  With his height, too, (6ft even) he certainly fits the bill of being a well dressed man when he puts on clothes.

Khaki pants, pull over sweaters, blazer and jeans, are at the top of my list of things for a man to wear.  I’m not partial to sweats, T-shirts, and flip flops, unless he’s working out at the gym or spending time at the beach.

Esquire gives us a glimpse into this year’s fashion trend for the stylish man.  Exactly how I like to see a man who is all about fashion dressed.  Call me crazy or even old fashioned, but I remember my mother saying a man who is well dressed was taught well  growing up, or he had the right people in his life to guide him in the right direction.

A man who is sagging in his pants is not my idea of being well dressed, and I don’t care how handsome he is.  It doesn’t say that he has class about himself, nor does he care that there are women who are turned by it.

Now here’s my idea of well dressed man, too, from Iz Andrew’s Blog.  I love the color tones and the combination.  Well coordinated for the man of fashion trends.  I like this look especially because they can work as dual looks — day and night.  Take a look at his blog, you’ll surely like what you see.

I admire a man who takes time to put himself together…looking and smelling nice.  Makes you want to spend part of your time just looking and admire how well he’s dressed.  I don’t know, but that’s me.

Anyway, men’s fashion has changed over the years.  And I am always looking to see what’s new in terms of styles…if my guy would let me, I’d give him a fashion makeover in a heartbeat.

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