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Fun With Platforms: Dare to be Differently Bold

June 28, 2012

It’s no surprise that platforms have truly transformed into something fun and exciting, hot and sexy, and the truly must have shoes to date.  We’ve been given so many funky styles to choose from that it’s almost mind boggling to think that you just can’t have one.  While some adore the flat platform, other make a mad dash for the curved platform that give you that rolling motion as you walk.  Careful, don’t dive too much into that rolling motion, you’re bound to face plant into the ground.

The cool thing about the curved platforms is that your toes are in a position that you’re not hitting the ground with every step you take.  You’re rolling into it gradually.  That’s what turned me on to them after having being so much into the flat (well semi-flat) platforms.  And combined with a round toe or open toe, the comfort is much different than if you went with the norm.

Even I have to admit that it’s a classy design that has completely redesigned platforms and given us a new way of looking at them.  My favorite ones are these beautiful brown floral satin mesh overlay, with a bow and peep toe heels by Jassica Brown.  They came in  three colors, too; black, brown (shown), and navy blue.  But the brown stood out to me better than the other colors…as much as I loved them, I was more drawn to the brown. 

Check out the platform on these babies.  The curve is really deep set in the platform, so you get a whole lot of rolling which takes a lot of practice and skill to maneuver when you’re walking down the street.  Let me tell you, though, walking down a slanted street or a walk way, you have to take precaution because one wrong step and its history.  I know, nearly happened to me ;).

But platforms have come a long ways since the 60’s and the 70’s and they’ve long since stepped away from being closely associated with the exotic dancer world, that you will find them in the work place on a daily basis, that they’ve become a part of our fashion to the extreme.

We can mix and match them with just about anything as long as it’s stylish and tasteful and quite the crowd pleaser.  But at the same time you have to distinguish the heels between day time and night time because there are those that just don’t belong in the office setting.  Co-workers might get the wrong impression.

I got these because I was attending an event last year.  Talk about a bang for your buck!  These strappy hot things set the stage for a woman in her 40’s to be well dressed when I walked into the room.  They are a worthy of a conversation.  The platform here I believe is 2 maybe 3 inches, I can’t quite remember, but they were something different to add to my shoe collection, nonetheless.

Don’t let me forget the double platform shoes.  Oh my God!  These shoes are completely changing the way we see platform shoes today.  Slap some glitter on those babies and you’ve got a hot commodity that shoe retailers will not be able to keep on their shelves because if they are appealing to the woman’s sense of style and beauty, and she’s a complete shoefanista, you can forget about it.  No matter they cost, they will not stay on the shelf.

I must have been insane when I went on a year and a half long tantrum about wanting these shoes that were about $74.99.  The first time I saw them, believe me when I tell you, my mouth hit the floor.  My daughter had to pick up and tell me to keep it moving.  I cried over wanting these shoes for a year and a half.  And when the opportunity presented itself to me, I went on a mad run to get them.






Look at the detail, the rhinestone embellishment, the glitter, the double platform.  Every bit of 6-inch heel of this shoe spells classy 🙂 and that’s just how I was raised.

But these weren’t the first pair of double platform high heels I ventured off to buy.  My first pair of double platform heels were gold and they are just as delicious.  They don’t quite come close to these, but they are just as super fabulous.

I got these to wear out for New Year’s Eve from  They were a little more than what I was originally going to pay, but I saw this as an investment and, of course, a must have.

I really fell for these because of how they were made.  They didn’t have that  cheap look to them and they gave me the impression that they could be special occasion shoes whether totally dressed up or in a casual dressed sense.

The details of the shoes really stood out for me.  Was I concerned with comfort?  Yes I was, in fact I had gone to different shoe retailers hoping I could find the shoe and try it on and determine its comfort at that time.  But I took a chance and purchased them online because I couldn’t find them in the stores.  I was impressed with the overall look, style, design and fit.   They were worth the money and effort I put into getting them.

When I want subtlety in a platform, I take it down a notch, going from a near 3-4 inch platform down to about a half inch to a 2-inch platform and still have a sexy heel. 

These are the ones I can dress up with jeans, nice pair of slacks, a dress or skirt, an outfit that will make the shoes stand out at attention.

I would say that I’ve not completely abandoned single platform shoes, I’ve just added variety to the mix.  Platforms, to me add sex appeal, they’re fun and flirty, and you get really good compliments if you have on the right outfit to go with the shoes.

I bought these because I had bought a winter white dress from Ross that these shoes just screamed “BUY ME.”  They go really good with the dress.  I think the only draw back I had when I bought these shoes is that the color was slightly different than shown in the picture.   But it wasn’t enough for me to send the shoes back because they did the job just as well with other outfits.

If you’ve never stepped in a pair of platforms and you’re curious, let me tell you, they’ll take your shoe experience to a whole new level.  But let me advise you, though, make the transition gradually.  You have to see just how comfortable you would be in shoes that would be considered too high off the ground.  Too much of a good thing can be too much on your ankles, so make the transition into platforms with care.  At the same time, dare to be different and dare to be daring.  It’s my middle name because it’s how I was raised.

Choose styles that fit your personality, express who you are, and what works with your wardrobe.  Try different styles, colors, designs and see where it takes you.  If you want to see more of my collection, visit the Shoe Galleries page.

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