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Amazing Maxi Dresses at Factory-2-U at Super Low Prices

July 9, 2012

So, who knew that Factory-2-U would end up having some amazing maxi dresses this summer?  I’m usually the main one stearing clear of that store only because their fashions caters mostly to those on the not so plus size than they do for those who are on the plus size.  And of course I am not so much a fan of their return policy, but then again you experience similar policies almost every where you go.

The average maxi dress can run you $49.99 to as high is over $120 — like the one my best friends bought from Anne Taylor shown here from that cost around $110 😕 something of course I can’t bring myself to do, but it’s an investment of sorts that us women bring ourselves to do.  But if you’re looking to keep it simple, but classy and chic, you can spend as little as $9.99 and come away with an amazing maxi dress and still be hot and ready for the summer. 🙂

Maxi dresses have become a household name in my house, so knowing that I’m bound to find myself shopping for some between now and the end of summer, I look for the bargains along with stylish looks that we can incorporate into our fashion and even wear for several summers to come because I don’t see them ever going out of style, at least not any time soon.

This year Factory 2 U has brought us some killer styles that you just can’t ignor and they are flying off the racks.  It’s a “here today…gone tomorrow” theme that is getting shoppers in the doors and going mad crazy.  The prices you can’t beat unless you find some in a thrift store.  But I tell you, I was really surprised this year at their selection that so far I’ve bought two.  One that has a peasant look…it’s lace, ivory and ties at the shoulders, and the one I purchased yesterday is a pink multi color one.  The one I purchased my daughter a couple of months ago is a blue multi colored one (pictures to come soon) and they really rock with a cute pair of flats or sandals.

This just proves that you can’t count out Factory 2 U because they will surprise you every now and then.  You just have to keep your eyes open and pay close attention.

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