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Style File: Channel Your Peplum Look

July 9, 2012

Today’s Style File takes me back down memory lane.  I was reminded of an old style look that’s been made modern and today’s look for today’s woman.  The peplum look is nothing more than a style that’s span several decades — going as far back as the 1940’s and beyond.  It was a classy look that gave women of that time era a glamorous look with their sassy up-do’s and their classic pumps. 

Today the peplum look has been given a facelift of sorts, a sexy appeal, chic and elegant look…no longer associated with dresses, but now in tops of varieties.  Something for everyone, I always say.

Fashion today gives us the sexy and chic to the fun and funky.  You choose the look and style and create the trend.  And Imagemaven’s Blog gives us a broad look at the modern peplum dresses.

Photo from Imagemaven’s Blog.

I was wearing peplum dresses in the mid to late 1980’s when they were a part of the 80’s glam, but not high on the fashion scene.  Their popularity then wasn’t as huge as it is now with girls finding them as the latest rage.

The styles you see today are far more vast than way back then.  And they’ve been given a classier edge that you can play around with.  And because I like to talk about price, amazingly peplum dresses don’t cost a whole lot starting as low as $18 File:icon eek.gif but can go up there in price depending on where you get them ;).

For the older ladies who are familiar with the style, you know what I’m talking about, and for the younger ladies you are be treated to a fun style that I enjoyed back in the day.

So where can you get the peplum look?  My daughter turned me on to a site called Boo Hoo.  Go to the flag up in the right hand corner and change to your country, go to the search bar and type in “peplum dresses” and it will bring you a variety of styles you can choose from.  Don’t like what you see there?  Browse around the internet until you find something that suits you.  There are many styles today that are sure to please.

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