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Fashion in Review: When the Smallest are the Most Noticeable

July 12, 2012

Aside from my favorite color being blue, my second favorite color is white.  It’s just one of those colors that can be appealing and alluring, especially during the winter with winter white fashions.

This fashion review high lights the overall look of the blouse and pants from a look, fit, feel and over all appeal. from an outfit I purchased end of last year from  First time I saw it, I had to have it.  You all remember me showcasing this outfit, right?

The pants fit just fine.  I had no problems with the pants at all.

As much as I really love the outfit, it came with its flaws mostly surrounding the blouse.

Ok, so let’s talk about fit.  The way the blouse is made doesn’t really allow for a true-to-size fit without having to go up or down a size to get a good and comfort fit.  As we all know, chiffon is not a stretchy fabric.

I started out with getting a large then within the week of receiving it and trying it on, I went and purchased an extra large.  I was going to return one but decided to keep both (losing weight).  And you have a bulge, you have to get a good fit because chiffon made in this fashion is not stretchable and it’s otherwise too tight and doesn’t fit well in the right places.

The extra large blouse is a little big at the top, in the bust area, but with the ruching and the ruffles makes it possible to get away with wearing it anyway…so it’s doable.  There’s no real way to alter it, at least not from what I can tell, without ruining the over all look of it.  It’s really a pretty blouse inspite of the minor defects.  And the chiffon ruching makes it look elegant and not cheap, and you can easily turn it into a day look with a pair of slacks and high heels.

Now understand I purchased two of these blouses.  You can’t argue with good quality when the product you receive is in top form.  You can, however, argue with a job done poorly regardless of how little the issues may seem.  You spend your hard earned money you want to receive quality products.

The only issues I had with the blouses were minor, but enough to be noticeable, and for me it becomes a matter I have to deal with in terms of bringing it to someones attention.

On the first blouse I purchased the loop hole, as you can see here, had not been sewn in.  I wore the blouse today and had totally forgotten about it until I was walking out the door this morning.  By then it was too late to have changed into something different so I wore it anyway.  This is on the right sleeve.  Doesn’t look at all appealing at all, looks cheap, just not what I expected from my purchase.  Now I can either take the time  to fix it myself or take it to my dry cleaners and pay to have them fix it professionally.  Haven’t decided yet.

This is left sleeve of the same blouse I wore today.  Totally and completely in tact, the way it’s suppose to look.

Now get this, on the second blouse I purchased, that I have at home, it’s missing a button — I think on the left sleeve — can’t remember, but it’s missing a button.  Fortunately they come with extra buttons, which means I have to take the time out to position and sew the button on.  One of those things I’ve been too busy to get around to doing and just forgot about it until I decided to wear one of them.  

The other thing I wanted to mention is that the zipper is a little problematic on both blouses.  I don’t want to say it’s flemsy, because I don’t think that’s the right for it, but it wasn’t one of the better zippers to have chosen for this blouse.  It wasn’t or doesn’t appear to be sturdy, which means it could break if not handled properly.  I had to struggle a little bit with the zipper because it tended to get stuck and was somewhat difficult to zip to the bottom to unzip and remove the blouse.

I’m just amazed that I’ve had the blouses all this time and haven’t done anything in terms of repairing the defects.

The overall craftsmanship?  In my opinion the blouse was designed beautifully, I just think little attention to detail was applied.  Had that been a major part of putting the blouse together, there would have not been these issues to contend with.

I did notify of the defects of the blouse prior to my having to sew on the button on the other blouse, and the issue with the loop hole not being sewn in on the blouse I wore today, and I even told them about the black smudge on the ivory lace dress I purchased (haven’t worn yet).  Their only reply to me was I could return the items for a full refund, but if I did any alterations to them or had the lace dress dry cleaned they could not refund the money.  But that was jus it, I wasn’t asking to return the items for a full refund, but simply a small discount for the inconvenience and the money I spent to have received items that were not up to par.  To no avail nothing was offered to compensate me for the poor quality in which I received the items.  I didn’t cry too much over it, just let it go.

I like clothes because they really have nice things, at the same time if they are not paying attention to how they receive their items and how items are being shipped by way of doing complete quality checks, it’s costing money to the consumer.  And when I do have the money to shop for myself, I don’t want my quality sacrificed for low standards.

Will I shop with them again?  Actually I did.  Two other times after that to be exact.  The very last time I bought a one shoulder dress that was advertised as a denim white dress with a belt.  When I received it, there was no sign of denim not even in the fabric, it just did not have that denim look or feel and I was rather disappointed.  On top of that it didn’t fit right and I returned immediately.  Of course I didn’t get all of the money back (less the shipping cost), just the cost of the dress.  I have not purchased anything from since that dress, but I will most likely purchase something from them again.  As to when, I cannot say at this time.

Understand, too, that it’s rare when I return an item.  Something has to be terribly wrong for me to go that extra mile.  But when you’re investing in your fashion, it’s important to get what you pay for and for me, I pay for style, fit and quality.  And I want what I pay for.

Unfortunately does not offer the opportunity to rate and review items purchased from their site.  You could probably imagine what mine would be.

Updated July 16, 2012

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