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The Look of the Day: Boss Lady

July 23, 2012

Getting ready for work is usually no easy chore, but usually gives me something to do at the end of the day, and an excuse to get into my wardrobe.

The suit is from Ross Stores I purchased over five years ago.  The shoes are Carlos Santana, also from Ross Stores.

I work hard to play hard.  So at the end of the day I want to know that I am rewarded for my contributions to the workforce.  I sacrifice a lot of myself and my time for taking care of my household.  Looking good is a contribution to myself as far as I am concerned.  And when I step into an outfit and I look good in that outfit and I can turn many heads when I walk out the door, I obviously mean serious business.  And this is what losing 14 pounds looks like.  

When I was laid off work back in January, for the month I was off I gained so much weight that I was feeling non-existent.  Let me tell you that when you put on your clothes and nothing fits right, that’s when you know you’ve the proverbial brick wall.  I was falling into a slump that was not looking good for me.  My confidence was being destroyed and I was losing sight of myself.  I’ve been through that once before when I was married, promising myself I would never go back through that again.  I picked myself up, realized just how much fashion is my life and I have a reputation to uphold.  I was taught to pay attention to my appearance, value my body and my health as a whole and to realize that I was not going to let myself fall to the wayside.  I lost 14 pounds of the 20 pounds that I gained while I was off.  I’m on track back to better health.  My confidence is high, I’m feeling good, being back to work is going good, my daughter is happy, and suddenly the world is alright with me.

Updated July 24, 2012

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