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Fashion Friday

July 27, 2012

7th Edition, July 27, 2012

In This Edition

~~~Don’t Let Weight Define You~~~

Even the curviest women can make the hottest fashions work for them.  It’s all about where your confidence level is and how you feel about yourself that sets you apart from how your weight defines you.

I think Mo’Nique said best when she said you have to love the skin you’re in, that simply means making it work for you.  Lets face it, not all diets work for everyone, and those who are fortunate enough to lose the weight and keep it off by being dedicated to the program that’s been so beneficial to them, the rest of us are struggling with weight issues every day and are not finding any common grounds to dealing with it.  The best way to handle it — that’s worked for me — eat healthy, exercise (which I do a lot of walking), drink plenty of water, stay away from salty foods and salt period (does my feet and ankles a number now), and just be true to myself and recognize the situation at hand.  It’s helped to be realistic about the fashions I can and definitely cannot wear and do not recommend others trying to wear if their weight does not say they can wear it.

I have met plus sized women who have inspired me more times over because they are beautiful inside and out.  They were their confidence on their forehead for everyone to see and have no problems sharing their story with others.  The one thing they tell me, “you have to wear clothes that compliment your figure not send you down in flames.”   They are the first to agree that certain styles, colors, prints and patterns can give you a slimming affect, they hide the bulges, cover up the rolls, and give you an attractive look.  Knowing how to mix and match, what to stay away from, and what to look for is key because it all plays a significant role in your overall appearance.

Like me, where image and appearance is everything, even with my bulges, curves and rolls, I prefer the affects of shapewear body suits, girdles, and bustiers to pull up and in, and tuck under wherever needed.  Provides for smoother appearance and makes my clothes fit and wear properly, better than without them, especially when attending special events, that’s when I want to look my absolute best.

I grew up believing that as a lady you have to dress and act like a lady.  And as a woman with the kind of mother I have, I had to develop a diva-like attitude because showing up to her house in a ratty outfit, I better be there to help her clean her house or put together a piece of furniture otherwise she’s making me go home and try it again.  She raised two girls as a single mother.  Both my sister and I are born in August 18 days apart.  She’s on the 1st of August and I’m on the 19th of August.  And there is a seven-year difference between us.  But I’m the one who gravitated to the more girly-girl side whereas she chose the more laid back, casual, grunge-like style.  Don’t get me wrong, when she dresses up, you don’t recognize her because she really gets down.

Plus sized women are women who are equally loved and should be able to enjoy the hottest fashions just as the rest of the smaller sized women do.  Treating them as if they are not individuals is blatant disrespect because let me tell you, some of the toughest women are plus sized women.  Don’t let your weight define who you are, let your confidence and your self esteem be what sets you apart from the rest of society who sees the plus sized community just as obese because you are so much more. 

It’s why Ashley Stewart is one of my favorite clothing stores because they straight up cater to the real women of fashion.  I’m so desperately trying to get my momma go in there and buy her some clothes.  She’s got the account to do so.  So to all my plus sized ladies — I love you all because you are doing you and being true to you.  You are equally loved no matter what.  Love the skin you’re in.  Whether you have struggled with weight since you were a child, or because it’s due to medication (like my mom), or because you’ve had children and have never been able to lose the weight, whatever the reason is, you are still beautiful.  Go out there and show the world what you are made of.

My beautiful friend, Tania, is doing something I have not seen anyone do and that is bring plus sized modeling to the forefront of the modeling industry.  She is single-handedly revolutionizing the way we see models today.  They are where the fashion industry should be gravitating to because they are beautiful women who are not afraid to be bold and daring, hot and sex all at the same time.

Love yourself.  Love fashion.  Weight is not the defining factor in your life.  It’s how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself, not what others think. 

Real Talk.

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