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New Fabric for New Dress Design

July 31, 2012

So, for the past week or so I’ve been pining over what my dress project is going to be.  And because I’m so much in to evening gowns and cocktail dresses that I have been eating and sleeping the idea of having a dress line.  This next dress project will be the second of the two of my line.  This past Sunday while my daughter was spending the weekend with her grandma (and is still with her to date), I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon downtown Los Angeles in the fabric district looking at different types of fabrics to go with the design I have in mind. 

For this next project I chose to go with a crepe back satin fabric.  It has a nice flow to it and will give my design just what I’m looking for in style and uniqueness.  This will be a challenge because I’m going for something long and elegant that shoes off the neckline, and the back, accentuating the figure nicely.  There will be a lining, a side zipper and I may add a subtle bow on the back to give it that extra umph :).

Photo from Warehouse Fabrics, Inc.

This is one dress I will take my time making because it will have to look every bit of elegance that has style and that will get a positive response once it’s done and worn.

There are actually two styles I’m thinking of but will have to sketch them out to see which one will do the fabric justice.   And where it took two separate nights to design and make my cocktail dress, I anticipate that this new dress project will take much longer.  It would be easier if I had a dress making fit model, but have you seen the prices of those things?  I’d have to make and sell three dresses or more just to get one.

How much did it cost for my fabric?  Well, after going in and out of different fabric stores, I came away with the fabric I wanted at 3 1/4 yards for a total, of $6.00 and spent $2.50 for threads and a zipper, for a grand total of $8.50.  This does not include the lining I’m going to pick up this coming weekend and a few accessories to go with the dress, which I estimate wont cost no more than $8.00 depending on where I go.

For one of my designs of my dress I was inspired by this dress I saw on Wedding Inspirasi.  The idea is not to duplicate the dress itself, because I cannot duplicate something as gorgeous and as elegant as this, but to use my own creativity to design a dress that is flattering to the original dress with something a little different and unique to itself.  For instance, my design will have a more V-low back line and not the droop loop you see here. 

The front neckline would have more added to the cowl neck to give it a more droopy look and the dress would more of a sheath style with two panels in the back to add more of a flair.

I just gave you tid bits of what one of my designs could look like.  I’m not going to share any details about the second one, going to leave you hanging on that one because it’s still something I’m playing around with.  But you get the general idea of what one of my designs could look like.

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