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Fall/Winter Favorites

August 23, 2012

We still have so many weeks left before summer concludes, and thus we say goodbye to our summer fashions and hello to the fall/winter fashion gear.  What trends will you be bringing back and what trends will you be introducing into the new 2012/2013 season?

One of my favorites I definitely will be bringing back this fall/winter is this turtle neck sweater from Victoria’s Secret.  This is one of those sweaters you can’t just put down and throw in the back of the closet and leave it there.  I have the winter white one :).  It’s stylish, always in the fall/winter season of trends, and is perfect for those cold days at the office.

These sexy boots, though three years old, are still quite the conversation piece whenever I wear them.  So, you know I’ll definitely will be bringing these puppies back this season.

Let’s talk about shearling coats and the boots to match.  Oh, yes.  Fall/winter 2011 was the season to watch with me.  I was finding the coats and hunting for the boots to match.  With the super cold days we had last year, these coats and boots came in hand and kept the chill off while I stayed toasty while out braving the weather.

This year, if the weather gets crazy like it did in the last days of the fall/winter season we recently had, you can rest assure I’ll be bringing these favorites back.

Last year L.L. Bean was the place to get these coats from and I got two of them; and and Urban OG were the perfect place to match up with the coats at outrageous prices.  So you can see I’ll be styling this fall/winter season with these hot looks that definitely warrant a repeat performance.  NOTE:  I wouldn’t recommend them for the wet weather, though.

Next on my list of Fall/Winter Favorites are my sweater dresses.  Seeing that I have tones of them, my winter white Calvin Klein sweater dress definitely will be making a come back, dressed with some amazing boots all ready for the seasons ahead.

What’s new in trends for the fall/winter season?  I’m seeing a lot of cable knit sweater dresses, colorful jeans and jackets, hats to suit your taste, and an array of funky styled boots, ankle boots and booties. 

But I like what is doing for this fall/winter season.  They are bringing a lot of their previous seasons styles back to their catalogs.  This is one of my favorites that they have.  I didn’t get a chance to get it last year because I was in to other things.  But this year it’s a definite must.

Also on the watch is this pretty grey sweater dress they have.  Delicious!  Now after my not-so-good review on my last purchases from them, I am giving them a chance to redeem themselves this fall/winter season with these two picks I have.

I like this dress because of the way it flairs out at the bottom.  I like the knit bow, the bell like sleeves and the elastic at the wrist.  Very nicely designed, and I love it with the black boots.  Big bags is definitely in, so I best get with the program.

This new season ahead is the one to watch to see what trends will make a come back and what new trends we’ll be seeing set place in the cooler temperatures ahead.  But in the meantime, these are my favorite picks as we move forward to seeing the end of 2012 and welcoming in the era of a new year in fashion.

The good thing about some of your old fall/winter fashion is that they never go out of style and there are ways of revamping them to make them look even greater than before.  You’d be surprised at what a belt, a broach, or even a scarf can do to something you’ve tucked away in the closet as the season changed, or something you forgot about.  I say this year, have fun with your fall/winter fashions, whether old or new.  Be stylish!

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