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Let’s Get Flirty: Fashionable Shirt Dresses

August 24, 2012

For years shirt dresses have been fun to wear, especially back in the 80’s when double studded belts you could wrap around your waist twice, head bands and wide sun glasses, and fishnet stockings was the style (at least it was for me).  But over the years the style of shirt dresses have changed becoming more flirtier and sexier, giving them an edge they really didn’t have way back in the day.

These shirt dresses from are just an example of “my” how times have changed.  It’s no longer about the over sized shirt dressed up with a belt, fishnet stockings, a head band, and wide glasses anymore.  Now, today’s shirt dresses are about style and elegance donned in silk fabric, a thin leather belt, high heels and fancy accessories to set the tone just right.

Although they retain their classic button down the front look, it’s amazing as to how they’ve transpired into this cute and sexy piece that was once something less fancy and delicate. is featuring  their shirt dresses collection.  That’s if you want to come out of the pocket of $139.  While I’m a fan of shirt dresses, I’d be a little less excited about spending that much on a shirt dress when I can probably get 3 or 4 somewhere else.  But we all know we’re paying for the name, which is usually how it goes.

But nonetheless, they are pretty and if I had to choose, the two shown above would be my picks for stylish and elegan shirt dresses that can very well be worn as a daytime look or in the evening for dinner wear or going partying with the girls or with your guy.  Either way, the look is making a serious come back that has a classy appeal to it.  It’s taken away the rough edges of shirt dresses and given it a softer and much nicer look.  Strap on a pair of heels and grab a sexy clutch purse and you’ve got a dynamic look.

The Gap, however, caters to the casualness of the shirt dress…more for that weekend wear when you’re in a casual mindset.  It doesn’t get away too much from the flirtiness, and you can still dress it up if you wanted to.  But I would say a nice pair of wedges would go just nicely.  And the prices aren’t that eye-popping.

You could even take one of their casual styled dresses and put on a pair of boots and you’ve created a fall/winter look.  Something you really can’t do with a shirt dress from BeBe.  I’d be really shocked if I saw someone rocking a silk shirt dress with a pair of Ugs or leather boots…just wouldn’t work. 

Click on the images to go to the page to view the shirt dresses from Bebe and the Gap.

Whether you’re looking for flirty-flirty, casual-flirty or casual-casual shirt dresses, these are some ideas of what’s on the market and how you can have fun with them.  You can create a variety of looks with shirt dresses using your own fashionable creativity.  When you’re choosing shirt dresses, choose and buy smart.  Some cost more than others.

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