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Ralph Lauren’s World

August 24, 2012

I’ve been in love with Ralph Lauren since the 80’s.  His looks takes women to another level in both look and style.  It’s not about trend, it’s about feeling and looking good as an older woman.  You’re not compromising your style and taste for something that has both a casual and elegant look.  I’m happy to see that Macy’s is featuring The World of Ralph Lauren.  This is a first hand review at his fall look, also in plus sizes.

He knows how to dress a woman and make her feel good about herself from her head down to her feet.  He keeps in mind how she wants to feel when she steps into any of his collections and he generates a kind of je ne sais quois that is unmatchable.  Weekends are not just weekends wearing his designs.  Your confidence level has a boost and your hidden diva takes a right turn.  Yes.  You know you look good when you step out in fashions by Ralph Lauren.

Feel free to click on the image or any of the links in this post to view Lauren by Ralph Lauren trending now at Macy’s.

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