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Did You Know: Lerner NY and New York & Company

August 30, 2012

If you were coming up in the 80’s many of you remember the once popular fashion store Lerner New York.  This was one of those stores that was set before its time; always on top of latest trends, catering to the direct and dynamic fashion needs of the true fashionista and had prices that were so out of this world, made your head swim. 

It probably wasn’t until some time in the 90’s that Lerner New York  was sold and became New York & Company.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to find the exact timelines.  But they remained true to the fashion-conscious and held strong and tdrue to staying on top of latest trends catering to the 25 – 45 age group.

Back in the day they were known for the high quality of cross-cultured style of clothing tailored for the office, weekend, or special occasions.  It wasn’t until a few years ago I’d finally gotten rid of my tweed coat I had since 1988, and a dress I had purchased right after a high school when I started working in 1987, when they were Lerner NY.  Back then I was barely 20, so over the years I’ve seen the change of times, both in the store changing hands from one store to the next, and fashion changing from what it was then to where it is now.

New York & Company has definitely made its mark in the fashion industry.  Getting better and better with each season.  I honestly thought, at one time, they were losing their touch.  For a short period of time after I purchased my winter white coat from them, that they weren’t the store to be shopping from — like their clothes had fallen straight off the map.  But this year I’m singing a whole new tune.  They’ve caught my attention with their eye-popping colors, hot and sexy styles, and their exquisite collection, so much that I’ve made three purchases this year from them.  And (as my daughter would tell you) I’m very picky when it comes to finding the right outfit.

When they were Lerner NY, oh yeah, I had leather skirts, killer sweaters, sexy dresses, accessories…this was during the time you could by real/authentic stilleto high heels and snake skin high heels for under $100.  I should know because I did.  Back in the day what we pay for fashion now, you paid almost three times less.  The 80’s were a force not to be reckonned with.

As such as it was, parting with my 80’s fashion was a hard pill to swallow.  Not because I just wasn’t wearing them anymore, but time had finally started showing itself in the fabric.  Wear and tear had finally caught up with them so wearing them one last time was my final send off for them.

But no fret…New York & Company has come back to the Lerner NY proud.  If you were around back in the day, you know what I’m talking about.  I was a card holder and frequented the store regularly.  I’m not a card holder at New York & Company, but I definitely am a fan.

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