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The Maxi Skirt by Rene’

September 4, 2012

Here’s another creation made just over the weekend.  So, everyone knows how much my little one loves her maxi’s.  She thought it would be fun to actually make one, of course, I put in all the work while she simply picked out the fabric, and — if I may add — she did a good job choosing her fabric.

Using a stretchy silk blend fabric we picked up from the fabric district downtown LA on Saturday, we were able to create this cute maxi skirt which consists of two panels cut into a semi triangular shape, and an elastic band.  How long did it take?  Just under six hours.  The fabric was $6.oo per yard for two yards.  This is a fabric you do not iron nor do you dry clean.  Hand wash or wash on delicate/gentle cycle is high recommended.

She found the tutorial online some time last week and thought it would be fun to see how it would look if we created one of our own.  Of course, anyone who is anyone who wears maxi skirts knows that you can find the below $12.99 and as high has $35 and up.  In this case, making our own maxi skirt only cost just over $13 .50 with the matching thread.

The purpose of the triangular shape is to give it a nice flowing flare at the bottom.  Using this material makes it fall very nicely, and you can’t go wrong with different colors it comes in. I call this one grape because of the deep purple color that it is, which happens to be her favorite color.

Surprisingly to me, she wore the skirt to school this morning.  She paired it with her cut lace tank top with her black wedges.  Very cute and stylish, and ready for her lessons.  Go Chris!!!  Flipping her hair over her should certainly adds a nice touch to it.

For more DIY sewing projects, surf the internet.  You’ll be surprised at what you can find and the cost it would make and the savings that you could experience.

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