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Let’s Kick Up Being Sexy Another Notch

September 6, 2012

No, I’m not quite ready to start wearing house dresses and shower caps on my head, nor am I ready to hang up my 6-inch high heel shoes and banded mini skirt just yet.  But I am ready for another round of sexiness and what better way to do than with this shawl collar tuxedo dress from — you better believe it — Fredericks of Hollywood.  This makes my third purchase of the year from them. 

This tuxedo mini dress is accented with a four-button detail and faux pockets, and a satin shawl collar.  Nicely worn with the wide fish net stockings and killer high heels, it’s certainly going to be a head turner once I step into the room.

It’s right up there with the little black dress.  Perfect for cocktail party events, a night at an exclusive nightclub, and not no hole in the wall.  You can step on the scene wearing this to an upscale venue where there’s nothing but classiness going on and every one in the place looks sexy.

Shake up the evening with an alluring look in this  tuxedo mini dress.  It’s fun now that men don’t get to have the tuxedo look all to themselves.  Women can look just as stunning.  This is a look that’s spanned over decades and women are continuing to step up to the plate feminizing the tuxedo look tailored to their femininity.  And we get to have just as much fun.

Like this dress with the tuxedo look?  You can get it 10% off it’s regular price during their Anniversary Sale  going on now.  Regular price is $54.  With the tax and shipping, and the discount automatically applied, your price will be $59.21.  Act now while supplies last and before the sale ends.  Enjoy!

Happy Anniversary, Fredericks of Hollywood!

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