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Style File: The Latest Must-Have…Freshwater Cultured Pearls

September 7, 2012

And so they say diamonds are girls’ best friend.  What about pearls?  I have never thought about owning let alone wearing pearls because I just had shown that much interest in them.  But looking at how they’re worn and [who wears them] has given me a second opinion on them and have gone back to revisit my previous thoughts on pearls.  This week’s Style File features freshwater cultured pearls from  The one-stop jewelry shopping place where your jewelry dreams can come true.

I went to my favorite jewelry site,, to see what their selection for this time of year looked like.  And because I consider myself to be stylish and classy, I wanted something to fit me and my personality as a whole.

These 6-7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Beads caught my attention.  I love how the sterling silver beads are nice placed, giving the necklace an elegant look and appeal to it.  It is accentuated just fine.  Not too gawdy, has a classy and stylish look to it, just what I’m looking for.

This is not your regular run-of-the-mill type of necklaces.  This is one of those necklaces you wear out for the evening or if you’re going to an event in the middle of the day and you have to dress up.  I can see this being worn with a killer, sexy suit and some hot looking stilleto high heels; I envision this necklace being worn with a little black dress.  If you wear it with jeans, make sure that jean outfit is rocking some high heels, a sequin top and a hell of a blazer to set it of just right.

But, yes, ladies, this is my latest must-have from  And for $85 with four installment payments of $21.25, you could be adding this to your jewelry collection.  Click on the images or the links to view this lovely piece of jewelry.  You work hard all week, taking care of your family, going to work, maintaining a household — there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little something just for you — a reward to yourself for all your hard work.

In truth this beautiful necklace is in recognition of 16 years of being with my boyfriend (Sept, 7).  When we reached our 10th anniversary it was a simple 10-year anniversary ring. 

When we reached our 15th year (last year) it was a 1/4 carat 14K gold diamond solitaire (shown).  This year, it’s the freshwater cultured pearls.  NOTE:  I purchased all of them.   Some would say I’m crazy, but I say it’s my reward for my love and devotion to my relationship, plus nice treats for myself :).

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