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Style File: The Reason to Bargain Shopping

September 11, 2012

With the economy still somewhat at a stand still and consumers slowly returning to their normal spending habits, the need to bargain shop still remains at the top list of many consumers.  Which brings me to a recent post I posted on “My New Favorite Thing,” about this high low lace skirt I’ve been on the hunt for.

I found the skirt at Just 4 You downtown on Santee Street and at another store, but it was priced at around $45 (if I remember correctly) and online for $46 and $49.  Just over this weekend hanging out on the Alley downtown in the garment district, I stumbled into this boutique called System and they had this same skirt, but with the elastic waist band for $24.  That is nearly half of what I would have paid if I hadn’t decided to wait and see if I could find it at a lower price. 

It took me three months to find the skirt and I had actually stopped looking convinced I was not going to find it a lower price until I walked into System where I found it by accident, because I was actually looking for something entirely different that Corrida had, and hoped they had it, which was a short pleated high low skirt with an elastic waist band. 

The detail of this skirt is really pretty and delicate, which is what drew me to it.  The only thing is the underlining is short so you have to be careful about that and with what you where it with, and I recommend getting the right and good size to get a good fit and the underlining of the skirt falls right.  If you are like me and got a lot of junk in your trunk 🙂 I recommend one size up.  But be warned I do not think you’ll find an extra large. Sorry ladies.  So far the largest size I’ve seen is a large.

For the price I would have paid for the one skirt (had I not waited it out to see if I could find it at a much lower price), I got away with this skirt and a top spending just over $45.  Honestly, you can’t beat that!

Bottom line is when consumers are living on a fixed income, don’t have the extra income to spend on high prices, and have to depend on monthly budgeting, looking for the best discounts and shopping for the bargains is what helps them be able to get what they want, but at super low prices.

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  1. September 23, 2012 3:34 pm

    Help , should I make a purchase on this site?

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