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The “No White Rule” After Labor Day

October 4, 2012

Many of my friends have long since lived up to the “No White Rule” after Labor Day as long as I can remember.  Well on into my adult years wearing white after Labor Day was considered taboo.  Usually it mostly applied to white shoes, white pants, even a white coat had some eye brows raised.  But has society done an about face on the “No White Rule” and is has simply began changing its mind in how we see white worn throughout the year?  But come on, does it really make sense?  Do we really need to have such a rule?

Winter white has really set the stage for going above and beyond the call of duty to bend the rule just enough to make people start to change their minds.  There is too much white/winter white made for the fall/winter weather that we just can’t ignor and get away from.  Think about it…if someone bought you come cute white snow boots with pom pom ties on them (like in the picture from would you throw them to the back of your closet and let them collect cob webs, or would you break those bad boys out with a pair of skinny jeans and a killer jacket and step out in the cold feelling all nice and snug?  I know I would.

But it’s funny how this rule has stunted the possibilities of braving white after Labor Day because of silly beliefs.  Where did the rule come from?  Where did it originate to want to have people on end whenever someone wears  white after Labor Day?  Of course in the fall/winter months we are more likely to dress in more darker and neutral colors, but if you really think about it, we do that in spring/summer months as well, except the clothing may be a little lighter fabrics than in the fall/winter months.

Wearing white after Labor Day differs from state to state, but the concept is pretty much the same.  If you live in California, you’ll come to notice that the rule is seeming to take a back seat with winter white colors becoming more of the norm.  And why not, it’s stylish and is continuing to make grounds in the fashion industry.  To some it continues to be looked at as being in poor taste, but those are individuals who are considered to be old fashioned and prefer to sticking to the rules thus far.  In my opinion it’s a rule that needs to be put to death because it’s one of those things you can’t ignor.

We spend so much time worrying about the rule breakers wearing white after Labor Day than we do the fashion criminals who wear white underwear under light, thin clothing or wear colored bras under racer-back tank tops, or bright, florescent color underwear under see through mesh/jersey dresses — not paying attention or putting more thought process into their attire before walking out the door under the extreme notion that they actually look good.

Fashion is about being bold and daring and going beyond the expectations of fashion.  And why not be able to do that all year long with minor acceptions to the weather, of course.  And the truth is some fashion rules were meant to be broke.  I’m not saying go completely out of your mind, but have fund with it and be sensible about it.

This sweater you see here, is from Victoria’s Secret and I have it in winter white.  It’s a beautiful sweater that I love wearing when the temperatures hit below mid 60’s during the day.  It’s warm and very comfortable. 

It’s taking your style to a whole different level just bending the rule a bit.  And why not.

Winter white is basically barely a shade dark than white itself.  And in closer look has more of a icey look to it.  But’s it’s in the white category nonetheless.  Some bright ivories are considered winter white, or what New York & Company called this one coat I have, “Vanilla Ice Cream.”  And it’s a beautiful coat. 

I leave you with this…go forth and wear your whites, winter whites, irovies and off whites.  The fashion police is not going to jump out of the bushes or moving vans or from behind buildings and attack you for being inappropriately dressed or for breaking the “No White  Rule” after Labor Day.

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