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How Do You Keep Warm During the Cold Temperatures

November 12, 2012

And so we are starting to see evidence of winter etching itself along in the middle of warm weather here and there and many of us are finding it difficult to completely put away our summery clothing while having pulled out the Isatoner gloves, the warm scarves and the heavy jackets, and the fashionable and stylish boots.  But even as we keep our summery clothes close, cooler temperatures are affording us the opportunity to bundle up to keep from catching a chill and ultimately a cold or the flu as everyone knows this is flu season.

So how do you keep warm during cooler temperatures?  If you’re like me, I buy thick leggings that I can wear with sweater dresses and boots.  I buy my coats and jackets at least a size bigger to wear comfortably with a scarf to protect my neck and chest from the cold draft and breezes, especially on those colder and winder days.  I like Isatoner gloves because they are made for the colder weather and some leather lined gloves are good, too.  The boots with the faux fur lining make for good warmth to your feet.  Weather high heel, wedge or flat, whatever your choice, your feet are kept warm.  But be sure they are made for the wet weather, too.

If you’re in the market to buying a new coat, buy responsibly 🙂 because you want to be sure the coat you are purchasing will take the rainy season once it pounces it on us.  We haven’t began to scratch the surface of the kind of weather we are going to have in the winter months to come.  I mentioned buying your coat at least a size larger — when you wear sweaters and a coat, you want it to be comfortable when you button/zip it up.  You don’t want too snug of a fit.  You’ll still have that stylish look, you’ll just be a lot more comfortable in the process.

See full size imageLast year I bought my Isatoner gloves from Target.  They were around $11 or $13 if I recall correctly.  They ended up having them on sale later on for half off and I got my daughter a leather pair which she loved and made it comfortable and easy for her to wear and kept her little hands nice and warm during those colder mornings. 

child pp imageThermal shirts are a good bet this fall/winter season.  My daughter has quite a few and you can’t go wrong buying them for your kids and the entire family.  Check out your local JC Penny or visit them online.  Keeps them nice and toasty worn under not-so-thick sweaters and jackets.  Beanies and hats are an added plus this season protecting you from the cold.

When you wear boots, be sure to wear thin nylon socks to keep your feet from sweating.  Or if you prefer — do like I do — I don’t wear anything with my boots or if I do I wear thin tights.  Experts may say differently, but who wants sweaty feet 😉 — I know I don’t.

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