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Think Safety When Shopping

November 16, 2012

No $300 cocktail dress is worth your safety during the busy Holiday Season.  This year as the Holiday Season kicks into high gear remember to think safety first.  Follow these tips while you’re out doing your holiday shopping:

  1. Do not park in isolated areas:  Park in well-lit areas, preferably as close to the store or mall you’re shopping at.
  2. Keep it light:  Don’t overload yourself with too many shopping bags that can bring attention to yourself and cause you to be distracted from noticing your surroundings, this is especially if you use public transportation.  You do not want to become a target.  Keep your shopping to a minimum that won’t cause you to struggle coming from the stores.
  3. Shop in pairs:  Bring a friend or family member a long.  There is more safety in numbers
  4. Protect your money:  Keep your purse or handbag zipped at all times.  If you have an outside pocket with a zipper, keep it facing towards and always keep a good grip on your straps.  Put your wallet and cell phone in your front pocket, and wear pants that have deep pockets.
  5. Keep it out of sight:  Protect your shopping investments by putting them in the trunk of your car.  Be mindful of who is around you at the same time.
  6. Watch your children:  Shopping with children is never an easy feat.  Keep them as close as possible, do not allow them to wander, don’t let them talk to strangers or take anything from strangers, and don’t leave them in the car alone.

The holiday season is probably the most stressful time of year next to birthdays and anniversaries.  If you practice good shopping safety tips you are likely to have  a good shopping experience this season.

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