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Holes, Rips and Runs in Fishnets and Nylons a New Fashion Trend?

November 19, 2012

So, I see this young girl who had to be no more than 16 or so wearing shorty jean shorts with the frayed hem, a matching vest, and T-shirt and fedora hat.  She looked cute except that her nylons and an extreme number holes and runs in them, and from the way her and her friends had been making a mad dash to the bus, I was first to assume that happened while they’d been out for the day horsing around, so I didn’t think much of it, until I saw a few more girls that day and throughout the rest of the week — some wearing fishnet and other nylons with rips and runs, holes and snags in them, that I realized this has become the next big thing in fashion trends.  But why?

I am retired veteran of nylons and fishnets.  In my hay-day I spent hundreds on only the best nylons and fishnets on the market going only to top hosieries and department stores where they sold the best.  Seems up the back with and without tassels, Victorian cut styles, I even had some with rhinestones and butterflies.  I had every color, every style, sheer to the sheerest and for every outfit I had a pair of nylons to match.

As I got older and became a mother, I resided to Leggs because they were next to the best and that was all I bought.  Nothing cheap because they didn’t have long-wear capability.  And as I see young girls demolishing a perfect pair of nylons and fishnets, it literally tugs at my heart and soul because I know they could be getting worn with a sexy pair of stilettos, a cocktail dress and see through a perfect evening.

What do I think about this growing trend?  I don’t like it.  I don’t think it’s right for young ladies to be running around with rips, holes, runs and snags in their nylons and fishnets.  That is not what they were made for.  And you think about the average cost of a pair of nylons and fishnets today, they are not cheap unless you go somewhere where you can spend anywhere from a $1 to $3.99, and even then, it’s still wasting money to ruin them just for that particular purpose.  Forget trying to make a fashion statement, you’re creating a ridiculous trend that should not have staying power.

Come on ladies, get it together, this is not cute.

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