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DIY Sewing Projects: Pretty in Lace and Floral Designs

February 28, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done any new creations.  I thought I would kick off the Spring season with a couple of pieces from Burda Style’s new collection which has gotten me really excited.

117_largeThis comes from their most recent email I received just earlier this week.  My mouth nearly dropped when I saw the beautiful new 11 sewing patterns they have added to their huge selection.

Of the 11 sewing patterns this one is my ultimate favorite, and one of the best they’ve had.  The shirt is a cotton lace that has to have equal scalloped edges, and the skirt is a floral gabardine.  For all you sewing gurus, you know that gabardine is a stretch fabric.

You may say it’s time to hit up my fabric guy downtown Los Angeles in the fabric district to see what kind of floral print he has and hopefully he carries gabardine and lace like this or similar to what you see in the picture.

The tools I’ll need to get the project going are one invisible zipper for the skirt and Duchesse  bias tape for the shirt.  I’m going to start with the skirt first.  In making the skirt I’ll have to allow enough room for my hips, although the fabric is stretch, it’s important to leave just enough room so it is not tight at the waist and hip areas.  I’ll make the shirt after the skirt because the shirt will call for a lot of time and concentration where the directions have to be followed precisely, especially this being my first shirt made of this type.

Stay tune as I debut the outfit in weeks to come.

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