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You Have to Let it Go

July 30, 2013


At some point our wardrobe tends to get out of hand, meaning we have clothes coming out of every closet, every corner, bins, anywhere we can put them.  At some point, too, it becomes time to go through those clothes and just ween out what stays and what goes.  What becomes the hart part is being able to part with those garments comfortably and not go through an emotional melt down later on.

SAM_0352And I am not just talking about your wardrobe, this includes the enormous number of shoes you may have — that you have collected over a period of time to the point you forget what’s in the boxes.

Are you finding that you are still carrying around clothes from the 70’s and 80’s, or that that size 3 dress you swear you’re going to get into again even though you wear a size 10 now?  Are you still holding on to those shoes that went out when disco died or when we saw the end to the hippie era?  It is true that some styles from way back when are making a huge come back, but there are just those styles that have been buried and have stayed buried because there is just no place for them in today’s golden fashion era.  Letting go becomes the bliss of nightmares because you feel you are letting go a mountain of memories.  That’s what photo albums are designed for.

Put it like this, if you’re in the market for a new wardrobe that includes some of today’s hottest fashions selected from the hottest trends of the season, you don’t want to find yourself incorporating the truly old with the fabulously new.  It just sets the wrong tone for how we see fashion in the new season.

2013 spring/summer season was full of surprises that included the basics of black and white being the talk of the fashion highlight and bold and bright colors climbing the charts with mint green and yellow.

Can you create new trends with your wardrobe of yester-years?  To a degree some old can be made new, but it all depends on the overall condition of the garment.  In other words, if it use to be blue and it looks gray, that’s a sign to let it go and start over fresh.

True some of today’s fashion can be intimidating, but if you stay true to who you are and remain true to your individual style and taste, you will come away with some wonderful pieces your friends and family will love you in.

So, let it go.  Your closet will thank you and your wardrobe will thank you.  Live in what today’s fashion is all about and open your mind and your eyes to something new and different.  You’ll be happy you did.

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