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Announcements: Exciting Changes to the Blog & Upcoming News

August 5, 2014


I have some announcements I wanted to share with all of my readers and followers.  I’m changing the blog up a little.  Giving it sort of a different vibe without changing much of the content.  Excitement photo from The Design Inspiration.

  1. Removal of pages:  Some of the changes you may have already noticed.  I removed a couple of pages, “Rene’ Closet,” “Other Sites,”  and “My D.I.Y. Projects.”  If you want to keep up with the D.I.Y. projects, you can follow the blog at Simply Fine D.I.Y. and keep up with some of my projects at All Things Crochet where only my crocheted creations are featured.   The removal of the pages made sense because of the new structure of the blog itself focusing more on health, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment.  Any new creations will go to my blogs I just listed.  So, remember to keep following those blogs to see what’s new.
  2. Blog name:  The blog name is going to go from being Studio5 to At Studio5.  This will be effective immediately.
  3. Entertainment:  At Studio5 has been selected to feature an Australian pop star whose video was directed by Beyonce’s director.  All details are to soon follow once I receive all of the information from my resource.

I am exciting about the new changes taking place with the blog, and I am really happy to be back on the blogging scene in full force.  Keep coming back for updated information and more announcements, and see what else I’ve blogged about.  Tell your friends.  The more you tell, the bigger my blog grows and I hope to take it to a whole new level.

At Studio5 exists because of my readers and followers like you.  I owe the success of this blog to you all.  I am blessed.

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