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People: Babs on Instagram Excites Fans

August 7, 2014

a2b8d680-1e35-11e4-ab16-1f37945ea0d7_babsFunny Girl star, Barbra Streisand, takes to social media by posting her first picture on Instagram, with over 12,000 followers, or should I say fans flocking to the site to show their support, remembering precious moments, it is a reminder how well she is still loved and admired.  The Hollywood legend is looking as good as ever in her age of 72.  She definitely wears her age well, looking younger than she appears.  Picture from Yahoo! Celebrity.

In a today’s edition of Yahoo! Celebrity, Barbra Streisand, known to many as Babs, is joined with her pup, Samantha.  No denying that she just loves her very much.  Babs is best known for other rememberable roles on screen, Yentl, The Way We Were, and my all time favorite, A Star is Born.  She was funny in Meet the Fockers, too.  And don’t forget she was on one or two South Park episodes. 🙂

I remember growing up, weekend morning you could here Barbra Streisand music playing and my mom singing to them.  My mom has a nice voice, too bad she never got to use her singing talents as well as she did her cooking talents.


So what is Barbra Streisand up to these days?  In February she spoke out on heart disease on the TODAY show.  And I pay homage to a rememberable speech she gave at the 75th Academy Awards.  Social media is another check on her list of things to do when she is not enjoying time at home with Samantha, out and about, reminding us of the legend she truly is.

Keep up with Babs on her official site at and her Instagram.  And on the Streisandofficial page as well.

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  1. August 8, 2014 3:40 am

    A nice looking outfit and awesome heels. 😉

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