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Entertainment: Introducing the Musical Stylings of Belbel

August 9, 2014

Belbel Violets

For the first time, At Studio5 is proud to feature the lyrically poetic soul of today’s rising pop star, Belbel.  Her musical stylings is definitely making a name for herself in the pop genre with her video debuting the single, Violets, that comes jam packed with a powerful message.  She is a clever, talented songwriter as well as a creative genius.

Belbel, born Isabelle Rich, comes from Melbourne, Australia with a strong voice that lets you know she is fierce.  Her single, Violets, displays her strength, life, truth, and emotions, and the journey she is on.  The depthness of the video and the message it is portraying falls in line with her lyrics.  I was completely blown away.

She is poetic in her storytelling and how it relates to her experience growing up and speaks volumes in every word she sings.  The video in its production delivers creativity that presents originality speaking to the heart, mind and soul.  Photo from the Official Instragram Page.

The Melbourne singer was born to an academic family of high achievers where the career of Arts was pretty much absent from her upbringing.  At 16 she already knew what she wanted to and where she wanted to.  Caught in social isolation, it was enough to sway her career choice.  At 18  she is exploring the world from her own perspective.  Many girls her age can relate to the way she grew up.  Not wanting to live up to the norm of today’s society, but exploring the opportunity to be one’s own person, live one’s own life and do what feels right.  And seeing the Arts as a career and a pathway to the life chosen.

Belbel’s path is guiding her where she wants to be in this life, delivering lyrical talents and a strong creative spirit as she takes this journey.  At Studio5 couldn’t be more delighted to be asked to feature this talented young artist as she represents a genre that continues to reach new heights.

Visit the Official Belbel Music Page to read her story and her journey.  Keep coming back stay up to date with the release of her new upcoming EP, and be sure check out these links below to follow Belbel.

ITunes AUS
ITunes outside of AUS
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