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High Heel Shoes: The Qupid Must Haves

August 31, 2014

Just because summer is winding down, fashion continues to heat up.  When you talk about high heel shoes, we all know they are a girls best friend.  And since it’s been a while since I’ve stepped into the high heel zone, I thought I would scour the internet to see what’s the latest in high heel fashion.

So, I have always been a fan of Qupid shoes.  Talk about some of the most amazing styles you have ever seen, and they never seem to disappoint in having something for every woman with different taste in styles.

I have been in and out shoe stores and after having been in and out of DB Shoes for over a dozen times, I have come across these two delicious favorites that just keep sticking out in my mind.

pinch01_nudeside_1024x1024PINCH-01 N-4First up, the Qupid Pinch-01 Textured Peep Toe Stiletto Platform in Nude or more like blush.  My boyfriend can tell you, the first time I saw them I thought I was going to just melt all over the place.  Talk about a sexy shoe!  But they are not for the faint at heart!  You have to be an expert to walk in them.

I remember when I tried them on and strut my stuff up and down the isle, other women were like, “You can really walk in those?”  I was already wearing a pair of 6-inch high heel shoes from having just gotten off work.  They are comfortable, and look good with the right outfit.

QupidPinch-01-Nude1The craftsmanship of these shoes makes for an incredible night out on the town.  You can create a dynamite polished.  These high heels are stunning in their high platform and 6-inch heel.  Equipped with a textured leatherette material and peep toe atop a 6-inch stiletto heel.  The insole is a cushioned padding.

The workforce interviewing attire has changed dramatically thanks to today’s younger generation who have changed the game of what we wear altogether.  Platforms, if you will recall, are synonymous to the adult entertainment industry, and for a long time had no real place in the corporate world.  Shoe designers have stepped up their game and challenged the fashion industry to create designs that would work for the office as well as for going on that important interview.  It’s all about how you dress them up to give them their flair and make it work all the way around.

HM-CreamPantsI would wear these with my cream pants from H&M.  They have a short underlining, they are an airy polyester and spandex blend with a hook and eye closure.  They have a beautiful flow and an amazing length.  I’m short, so the length of my pants have to come down to my feet, past my ankles and heels.  If they hit the floor, even better, it’s an excuse to wear my sexy and stylish high heels with a 5- to 6-inch high heel.

You can create a fabulous ensemble for an interview.  These pants with the shoes, and a nice silk or satin top, with a pink tweed blazer.  Voila and you’re ready for the interview.  It’s a spring/summer ensemble that is sure to catch the attention of your interviewer.  And if you do’t get the job, at least they will remember what you wore.

In today’s workforce, it’s not so much about the power suit anymore, even though it still speaks volumes, color has been added to the game.  Nothing wrong with being daring, as long as you’re tasteful and stylish about it.

The Quipid Pinch-01 also comes in white, black, and yellow.

Next up, the Qupid Neon Yellow high heels.  Once again I’d been going in and out of shoe stores looking for the best yellow shows on the the market.  I’d been on and off online shoe sites, and after visiting DB Shoes, I came across these which I find very exquisite and sexy.

Yellow is in this season and is topping the charts in the best color choice of the spring/summer season.

QupidNeonYellow1Double ankle buckles, hidden platform, six-inch stiletto heel, net mid section, and padded cushion.  Definitely the heard turner and crowd pleaser.  You are going to be the talk of the town in these.

Bright colors are an amazing way to dress up some dark ensembles.  Even the patterned and print designs can be coordinated by neon brights.  It’s all about how you do it and what makes it work.

Now here’s the thing about these, the way they are made, you have to be able to wear them.  They fit best with someone with a narrow foot because they can be uncomfortable for someone who has a wide foot.  I recommend trying them on to get a good feel for them.  Try a half size larger or half size smaller to see what works best aside from your actual size.

For the Qupid Pinch-01, I can wear a 6 1/2 while my actual size is a size 7.  In these Neon Yellow, the size 7 is comfortable for me.  The 6 1/2 fits too snug while the 7 1/2 is a little too big.

QupidNeonYellow3There are different styles of yellow shoes, but I am drawn to these because of the double ankle buckle, the net decor, and the stiletto heel.

What to wear them with?  Oh, let me tell you, I have this sexy stripped top I purchased about two years ago to wear with a pair of my jeans.  It was during the summer and I had just started working at USC at the time.

1001051066520035_001You can’t tell me these shoes won’t work with this top.  Throw in a pair of skinny jeans, and you’ve got the perfect ensemble, especially if you’re stepping out for the evening with the girls.

I was wearing my fuscia Carlos Santana slip-ons with this top, but decided that yellow would work best for these in bringing up the colors.

I have a pair of yellow sandals, but they are old and the wear and tear has finally started to set in.  Desperately in need of some new kicks, and I have my sights set on these.

The best thing about shoes is that they never really go out of season regardless as to how often they change.  The rules have changed, too, with regards to what we wear and when we wear it.  Again, it’s all about how you wear it and coordinate it.

If you are a Qupid fan, then you know what I am talking about.  There are a lot to choose from.  Right now these are my favorites and this seasons must haves.  I hope to get my hands on them before year end.

The Holiday Season is really not that far off, so if you like these pay attention to where you can get them and the price you pay for them.  You may be able to find them both at DB Shoes or online shoe sites.  Right now they are both selling for below $30.  I purchased the top from Rainbow Stores, at the time it as about $12.99 or so.  The pants shown are from H&M and are $34.99.  If you don’t find them in the store, you can find them online.  The largest size I have found is 14.  They are beautiful, but sorry ladies, you won’t find them larger than that.  I got them in size 14 and wear a body suit for a comforting fit. 😉

The photos of the Neon Yellows are from AddShop.Today, and the Qupid Pinch-01 are from UrbanOG.

These are my Qupid must haves.  What are your?

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  1. September 1, 2014 3:40 am

    Some great ideas, and some awesome heels. 😉

    • September 1, 2014 11:15 pm

      Thanks. I appreciate the comment. I have many styles from Qupid and hope to add these to my collection. 🙂

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