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Luxury Living: Vernier Paris Time Pieces For Elegance

December 4, 2014

Watch designers have changed the way we as women see and wear watches.  Elegance steps up the game taking oversized face watches to a whole new level.

2014-10-08 10.40.24Like a time piece I recently purchased at the spur of the moment, which was under $20, I thought I was moving up in my collection because of the way it looked. But I was not going to settle for this.  Not to mention the fact that my Bulova watch and necklace set cost me over $200 almost four years ago.  This was more like an impulse by  because I had not owned an over sized face watch before, and because I wanted to know what it looked like on my skinny wrist.  Not bad at all if I may say so myself.

Designers such as Michael Kors, Fossil, Anne Klein, Guess, Expres…just to name a handful; and fortunately, watch designers are making it more and more possible for women who fancy exquisite arm bling to enjoy the stylish time pieces at every cost.  But let me ask, wouldn’t it be nice to kick it up a notch by treating yourself to something with a little more glam?  Of course, it’s means spending a little money, but it’s the holiday season and there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself.  Splurging just a tad bit is not so bad especially if you know what you want and what you’re looking for in a watch of sorts.

91F2gj8yh-L._UY700_In a search for the perfect gift for myself this holiday season, I found myself at a cross roads because I had my heart set on getting a Michael Kors MK5774 or the MK5538watch, both priced in the range between $160 and $220…both are beautiful.  Then I set my sites on this beautiful time piece by Vernier Paris.  This exquisite time piece is priced at $395.  It features genuine diamonds set on a rose tone metal bracelet with an over sized face dial.  The makers of this collection values creating stylish and fashionable watches for women with a luxurious touch.

I love the watch and the quality it presents.  It has a good solid weight, heavier than any of my watches, which to me says it’s sturdy and more than likely built to last, with the woman’s femininity well in mind.

Men have long enjoyed the over sized gems for ages, and now women are getting the luxury of sharing in that same enjoyment; much so that now watch designers are creating unisex watches knowing that women will be sporting them as well.

Vernier ParisSigns of the time are showing us that women are continuing to saturate market trends that have long sense catered to men only.  In sports women have risen to the ranks in basket ball, boxing, golf, tennis, and other sports, with that to say, “whatever you can play, I can play better.”  In fashion women are dominating over men’s wear by bringing sexy to the tuxedo, suits, shoes, and ties, with a feminine style to say, “whatever you can wear, I can wear better.”  Jewelry is becoming more versatile, thus to say that watches are becoming more universal in terms of the wide bands and large dials (also known as “boyfriend” face).

If anyone saw the season where Kim of the RHWoA wore that blinged out watch that had the wide band and large face, I believe it was the beginning of creating a platform for watch designers to take their creativity one step further by making them universal for women, and by concentrating on creating lines for women with a certain special touch that separates them from men’s watches (i.e., putting large or over sized face on thin bands as well).  But even men have to stand up and applaud women for making bold statements in fashion and jewelry that used to cater only to men don’t get me wrong.

Vernier armThe case diameter is measured at 41mm, it is not water resistant, and it has durable mineral crystals on the watch that protects it from scratches. It also features Swiss quartz movement and comes equipped with a five year warranty.

Vernier BoxUpon ordering this watch, it arrived cased in a black box.  The watch was wrapped around a little black pillow which elevated the elegance of the watch itself.  I was thrown by how it looked even in the dim light of our apartment.  Next to my Guess watch, this is the prettiest time piece I have ever owned.

One thing to keep in mind is this watch is not considered an everyday watch. More like for special occasions, and can be a conversation piece.

As a woman in my late 40’s, my  belief is you only live once.  And if you’re a woman of elegance like me, you have to stand by what you believe your level of elegance is, and this is mine when it comes to pretty things.

Vernier Paris has been around for years.  They create fabulous time pieces with a European approach.  The craftsmanship of these watches, along with their variety set to suit women of all styles and taste, speaks volumes.


They are based out of New York and David Shriqui is the president.  They relocated to a new space to increase the creations of their collections.  He stated that moving to a new locations brings “creative freedom.”  The watch company is successful for many reasons, one being that they cater to a woman’s sense of style and taste.

If you’re considering a new time piece this holiday season.  Start with looking at Vernier Paris.

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