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Style File: Bringing Sexy to Jumpsuits

December 28, 2014

style-file1Welcome to another edition of Style File.  I couldn’t let the year end without giving you one more post.

In this post I am showcasing three of my favorite styles in jumpsuits.  I hope you will agree that these are the prettiest you’ve ever seen or at least close to it.

During the holiday season, while out and about, I came across some wonderful styles in jumpsuits, and I continued throughout my days, I noticed that in the special occasion scene jumpsuits are making a huge come back in the fashion industry.  Designers are stepping up to the plate to create stylish designs that are specific to wearing to events such as parties and weddings.

Jumpsuits are coming from behind the scenes, out of the casual world and coming into the glamour spotlight, which I am finding to be very nice.  Therefore, it’s time to turn up the notch and draw some major attention to some of the hottest jumpsuits I’ve come across, which are three of my favorite styles.

3128355-p-2xFirst up, I was browsing around Ross Stores in Long Beach and came across this Calvin Klein two tone jumpsuit.  Calvin Klein is among my favorite designers and is heating up the fashion scene with this simple but sexy jumpsuit.

When I first saw this I thought oh hell yeah…I had to add this to my collection of Calvin Klein wear.  It has a belt, a snap fastener at front, and elastic waist.  I am losing weight, so you know when I saw the size 12, I had to have it.

3128355-2-4xThe comfort and overall feel of this jumpsuit speaks to the sex appeal of the woman.  The front neck line piece makes it look stunning and with the right shoes, you are bound have the perfect ensemble.

As we know jumpsuits have been around for years.  Best known for their overall jeans look, over the years they have been transformed into sexy garments that step out for all areas of life, overflowing into the special occasions sector.

Several styles and designs, and an array of colors makes for something spicy and elegant.  Chiffon, to put it best, are speaking to the woman’s sensual side.

European Jumpsuits1In my quest for the perfect jumpsuit I came across this pretty blue chiffon number. Understand, this is my favorite color, so when I first saw it, you can’t believe how amazed I was by it.

This jumpsuit is chiffon with a polyester lining, a back zipper closure, wide leg, and rose ruffles decor to make it pretty and elegant.  I purchased this piece for an event.  It comes in four different colors, blue (shown), lavender, rose pink, and black.  This can be found on Aliexpress.  However, I recommend searching the site for the best price and right size.

European Jumpsuits2I can get away with wearing gold high heel sandals or blue which either way brings out the entire look of the jumpsuit.  For caring for this particular jumpsuit I would have it dry cleaned to avoid ruining it by putting it in the washer and dryer.  Dry cleaning it will prolong the life of it and will give it extended wear.

Even though there are four different colors, I think the blue one is by far the best one.  My daughter told me when I showed it to her via text message (she lives in another state), “that’s a whole lot of blue.”  In her opinion she feels I am addicted to the color.  Basically I pretty much am addicted to the color blue.  Have been every since I was a little girl.  I have a blue car and a little blue teddy bear that rides in it.

My wardrobe is being transformed in to some of today’s current trends.  Out with the old and in with the new.

European Jumpsuits4Here is an example of what the back looks like.  Overall, the quality of this piece is well designed, and the style is really nice. For a true fit, check the size chart from the seller you purchase it from because you want to get as close to a true fit as possible.

Now I had planned on wearing the blue jumpsuit to an event until I saw the jumpsuit from Calvin Klein.  And I thought I was pretty much set because I was going to wear my All Star high heels with the jumpsuit.

But then, I got curious about another jumpsuit I had been looking for some time back and could not find it in my size, that is until I went from looking on Aliexpress and was going to pay over $30.00, to looking on and found it from Finejo for nearly half that cost.

This particular jumpsuit is the one I really wanted and is both sexy and alluring.  For this jumpsuit and to appreciate it’s overall design, an up do hairstyle is imminent.

Woman-Nobel-Elegant-Sexy-Pearl-Collar-Patchwork-Lace-Jumpsuit-Transparent-Sleeveless-Overall-Trousers-Party-Suit-KZ004The best way to describe this jumpsuit is by its pictures alone.  I was captivated by this particular jumpsuit because I can’t recall ever seeing one so beautifully designed with the right amount of elegance.

Often my boyfriend is telling me that I have no casual clothes in my wardrobe because I am always focused on dressing my best in some of the most prettiest clothes I can find.  But that’s just me.  I do have casual wear in my wardrobe.  When the time calls for it, I do wear them.  And when the time calls for putting on some clothes and looking my very best, I guarantee you he is not going to deny me that opportunity.  What man does not appreciate his woman looking good from head to toe?

I was searching to find the best description of the fabric and it states it is chiffon, lace top, and elastic in the waist, but I’m not quite sure about that.  In other descriptions it stated it was polyester, which we all know that polyester has the look and feel of being almost like chiffon.  Either way, it is an exquisite ensemble I would be happy to own and wear to my upcoming event.

BeadingThe pearl detail around the neck is a nice added touch to the lace.  There is a two button closure on the back at the neck. There is an opening in the back with a invisible zipper closure on the pants.

I love the length of the pants because they will cover my ankle and feet enough to be able to sport the best shoes, which I’ll probably wear my gold glitter sandals or purchase a pair of off white or beige elegant high heel pumps.

I haven’t come across a pair that fits the style of this jumpsuit, but I am still looking.  They will have to have a certain look and style to them to make the ensemble speak volumes when I wear it.

Women-s-Summer-2014-Halter-neck-Lace-Patchwork-Chiffon-Jumpsuit-Trousers-Strapless-Jumpsuit-Women-s-Jumpsuit101Women-s-Summer-2014-Halter-neck-Lace-Patchwork-Chiffon-Jumpsuit-Trousers-Strapless-Jumpsuit-Women-s-Jumpsuit3Here is the full view and back of the jumpsuit.  The lighting also shows off the color.  If the pants are as long as shown on the model, and with me being short, I’ll have to put them in the cleaners and have them hemmed.

This is by far my favorite jumpsuit, and I’m glad to have found it.  The one thing about this ensemble is that it can be versatile for the office as well.

Korean-Fashion-Star-Elegant-Jumpsuit-Women-2013-Rompers-Ladies-Jumpsuit-Halter-Pearl-Lace-Patchwork-Jumpsuits-Rompers6This is when a blazer from H&M comes into the picture or a blazer from a really good retailer that speaks to the style of the jumpsuit.

As time teaches us in the fashion industry (and as far as I am concerned) jumpsuits are or have been under-rated for quite some time until designers have recognized heir full potential.  It’s been a long time since I’ve found a jumpsuit I actually liked, which prompted me to decide that I wanted to wear one to the event I have coming up in a few months.

The beauty of it is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in choosing the right one.  It all depends on where you shop and how much you want to spend.  And it’s all about what your personal style and taste when choosing a jumpsuit for yourself.

Best recommendation I can offer is shop around.  Find one that meets your specific measurements.  You’ll know the right one when you see it.

And these are my favorite three jumpsuits.  If you want to contact me about these jumpsuits or other jumpsuits you are interested in and you’d like my opinion, email me or simply comment on this post.


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