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Favorite Wedges: Springing Forward with Must Have Wedges

February 3, 2015

In preparation for the Spring/Summer season, I’m taking a look at some of my favorite shoes to get my hands on, like the wedge heels.  There is nothing like having a good pair of wedges to dress up any outfit with the right touch.

Last week I visited what is not my favorite neighborhood boutique, Fashion Island, out here in Long Beach.  They’ve recently amped up their shoe selection and are kicking off the Spring/Summer season with some hot wedges that are just a scream.

51ZIDeDYg3L._UY395_BAMBOO is letting us know they are still in the game of creating hot styles, especially wedges.  And for $22.00, I was not about to let them get away.

They are set atop an approximate 5 inch wedge heel with a 1 1/2 platform.  The footbed is cushioned for comfortable wear, and the material is like a nude buck, soft in touch.

If you look online, you’ll find they come in an array of colors.  I’m going to go back to my boutique and get the black ones and go online and get the rose colored ones, too.  They also have blue, red, and I think I saw salmon and lavender.  Perfect for the Spring/Summer season.

bamboo_eliza25_nudnub_4There is something to be said about wedge heels.  I like to wear them with a legging outfit, my capri jeans, my skinny jeans, and my white denim shorts and pair the ensemble up with a cute flowy top that just makes the whole ensemble pop.

If you prefer to wear them with a maxi skirt or dress, that would work just as well.  But you have to do it just right because the wrong outfit can make them wedge heels look off.  And who wants that.

bamboo_eliza25_nudnub_1I would consult with a professional shoe repair on how to clean them because you don’t want to take the chance at ruining them.

When you drive, and if you’re like me, take an extra pair of shoes to drive in so you don’t ruin the back of the wedge heels.  A good friend of mine suggested keeping a towel in the car to put down while driving.  That’s really a good idea because I have a lot of light colored heels that I don’t want carpet dirt ruining the heel of my shoes.

Next up, I visited Call It Spring’s web site to see what they are working with this Spring/Summer season in wedge heels and I was tickled to see that they have some white wedge high heels, which means I will be replacing my old ones very soon.

31_fralirien_32_6Call It Spring is one of my favorite stores, thanks to my daughter who turned me on to them.  Their handbags and shoes, and their boots are at the top of my list for season must haves.  Although I do not own anything by them at the moment, I am definitely going to make my first purchase these wedge heels in bone color and a matching handbag.  That’s just how I roll…have to keep it coordinated.  I have been told that I tend to over do it in being color coordinated.  I get that from my mother who said if you’re going to do it, then do it right.  I grew up in a family consisting mostly of females, and my aunts knew how to dress to turn heads.  Looking glamorous.  🙂

I want these particular ones because of an outfit I picked up from one of the Rainbow stores last week.  It’s mostly a white ensemble, with a pastel printed top.  These would bring it altogether.

About these wedge heels:  The heel height measures at 5 1/2 with a platform at 1 1/2.  They are made with a synthetic material and have a cushioned footbed for comfort while stepping out looking stylish.

31_fralirien_66_6You can have your choice of four other colors, nubuck black, navy, khaki, and peach (shown at right).  I like colors, mostly bright.  I’d get the navy ones, too, to wear with my jeans when I’m hanging out with my friends, or when my guy and I are out on the town taking in a movie.  They start at $17.99 and go up to $39.99.

I’m all about the best deals in town whether in store or online without sacrificing keeping up with today’s trends and what current trends are showing us today is wedges are continuing to climb the ladder in fashionable styles because there is something for everybody.

I’ve been wearing wedge heels since I was a teenager, so I’ve seen them evolve into this mass hysteria of epic proportion in what we all need and must have in our wardrobes.  And if you’re a shoe love like I am, you will have at least three pairs, different styles, and different colors.  You can’t just have one.

Why do I love wedges?  If worn with the right ensemble, they are sexy.  I don’t wear just any wedge heel, I take time looking for the right style that I know will go well with my wardrobe.  And as I am preparing to pull out my Spring/Summer fashion wears and make plans to add to it, having the right wedge heels, to me, is important.  I don’t want to look crazy. 😉

With the rise of jumpsuits being highly favored, wedges would be a great addition to creating the right ensemble.








Here is another one of my favorite wedge heels from Call It Spring.  These are light pink with an approximate heel height of about 5 inches and the platform about 1 inch or so.  They are not lined with a cushioned footbed like many of the ones I like, but they are cute indeed.  They will set you back $39.99.

I haven’t checked out lately because it’s hard to pinpoint when they will have wedge heel styles I like and fit my specific taste.  My last white wedge heels came from their site, but haven’t been able to find a good pair on their site since.  Don’t get me wrong, I keep looking because they are still one of my favorite sites, specifically because they have daily deals as high as 55% off on their site, and huge clearance deals you can’t get enough of.

OK, so the thing about wearing wedge high heels is being absolutely certain that not only do you find the best fit, but that you can also walk in them.  Doesn’t do any good if you’ve got the perfect wedge heel sandals and can’t walk in them without looking awkwardly uncomfortable.

I’ve been wearing high heels since I was 15 years old, and I’m 47 now, so I’ve had a lot of practice and have worn many styles including the classic baby doll high heels and the cork heel wedge heels.

Choosing the right wedge heels means determining what fits your individual style.  If you can’t handle the famous 5+ inch heel wedges like I love, you should go with something that’s more comfortable to you.  Remember, there are many styles that shoes designers have graced us with, so there is definitely something for you.

Keep checking back as I spotlight more of my favorite wedge heels, and be sure to check out the 2015 Shoe Gallery as I start updating it with my latest buys.

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