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What’s New: Blogs To Pay Attention To

April 1, 2015

Hi Everybody,

No doubt many of year are getting ready for the Easter weekend as we celebrate the rising of our Lord.  Festivities starting on Good Friday, April 3 pouring into Sunday, April 5 with good food, good company, and our Sunday’s best dressed.

I just wanted to let everyone know who has been following my blogs since the start that I am doing some great things coming up and I want to make sure my readers out there are aware.

First up…if you haven’t been paying attention to my other blogs, here are the ones to be watching:

  • The Diamond Press:  This blog is the news and insight of what’s going on in entertainment, business and finance, real estate and so much more.  You will want to make sure you stop on by there from time to time to see what’s going on.  I am accepting contributions for this blog.  Email me if you would like to contribute articles, announcements, or photos.
  • Poetic Flow:  If you’re into poetry, this is one my very best blogs that showcases some of my writings.
  • Savvy Hair Studio:  Many of you have been sending me comments about hair, here is another one of my blogs you may find interesting.  Note:  I am also accepting contributions to this blog on suggestions, tips, and best uses for products.
  • A Mirrored Image:  Photography for me is on the horizon.  It spotlights some of my photos that I have taken. I will be photographing a wedding this month, so stay tuned for a sight specifically for wedding photographs.
  • Styled By Rene:  This blog is actually a spin-off to AtStudio5 and is dedicated to the fashion industry.  Coming soon will be a blog based on my brand as I have been asked to showcase some of my created styles in a fashion show in October 2015 for “Spring 2016.”  News about this opportunity is forthcoming.

These are  key blogs that are important as I move forward in my many ventures that are going some well-deserved attention.  If you haven’t already taken a look at them, stop on by and see what’s going on.

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