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Fashion: Summer Whites — Going Back to Basics

May 21, 2015

It’s that time again. Summer is fast approaching.  It’s a time when we start thinking about what we will be wearing this season and what summer trends are going to be topping the charts of the fashion headlines.  For me, this year I have been looking at what new trends designers have brought to the runway, what styles I can incorporate into my wardrobe, and how I can make over my overall look.

Well, this year I decided to go back to the styles and colors I love.  Bringing back my favorite colors and style choices.  And without breaking the bank.  Rainbow Shops has a line of summer whites which made me think about how it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed an all white ensemble aside from those styles I’ve been designing in the past months.

shoes-heels-jpo-enzo-01_white_1_2_1First on my list was looking for new white high heel sandals.  Surprisingly, the particular style I like by Anne Michelle and have been looking for seems to be quite a popular style — because it’s been quite a difficult task finding them in my size.  I have found them online, but who wants to pay the outrageous cost of shipping.  Luckily I found them at a local boutique near where I live, and they only had one pair in my size.  And for $17.99, I think I got away with a good price, the style I wanted, and a perfect fit.

Next up in my search for the perfect all white ensemble, I went to Rainbow Show also near where I live and picked up these really cool and comfortable stretch white pants.  Talk about comfortable!!!  I have these particular pants in dark blue, light blue, tan, salmon, olive green, black, and now white.  Seems a little excessive, but I love the way they feel especially on warm days.

1874061651804010_001These are the best pairs of pants you can enjoy anytime of the year.  Sometimes you can find them in capri style also.  They are stylish, comfortable, can go with almost anything.  Dress them up with your favorite pair of heels, a sexy top, a blazer sweater, or you can dress them down with a pair of flats, tank top, or sneakers.

You can get away with these for $19.99 and you can find them at any Rainbow near you or online if you don’t have one in the area.  But what good are these comfortable white pants if you don’t have the perfect top?

For that I went to  Sure ordering from them can come with some headaches, a lot of waiting, and the possibility of something going wrong with the order, but sometimes, it’s worth the effort if it means getting what it is you want, with a good fit, and a remarkable price.

UT8fIBXXsJaXXagOFbXbI was actually looking for a lace cocktail dress to wear to an event in June, but when I saw this pretty little thing, I got totally distracted, never found the dress I was looking for because I was so fixated on this top that I had to look high and low on web site to see if I could find it in my size.  I got lucky and found one.  Me being me, I am a sucker for pretty soft lace.  And with the style and design of this top, it was a definite must have.  And for $5.98 with free shipping, you know I could not pass it up.  The payment was processed right away and was shipped immediately.  Faster than other sellers I have been dealing with.

Now let me tell you, if you are not familiar with ordering from AliExpress,com, there are a few things you should know.  Be sure you order at least two sizes larger than your regular size if at all possible because many of these items are coming from China and Hong Kong.  Therefore you will want to gauge your sizing just right.  The second thing to pay close attention to is the processing time.  Check the status of your order on a regular basis just to make sure it is being processed for shipping and that you are not running into any customs issues.  Make sure you order from a seller who will keep good communication with you.  I have run into those who never responded to any of my messages.

But anyway, this is just one of the summer white ensembles I will be sporting.  I will post my other favorite summer white ensembles as I acquire them.  Stay tuned.  And if you want to share with me your favorite summer white ensemble, email me at  I’d love to see what you come up with.

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