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Special Occasions: The Wedding Edition – Getting Married the Second Time Around

July 7, 2015

For the woman considering getting married for the second time, know that there are alternatives to the traditional wedding dresses especially if you’re wanting to keep it simple but elegant…and under a budget…and you want to wear white.  Let me tell you, when I get married again, i plan on wearing white and I plan on making it rock!

Here are some of my picks that I have been scouring the internet in search of the best dress ever.  So, everybody knows that you can find some amazing finds on Amazon, right?  And as a mother of a now 20-year old daughter, I go beyond looking for the best that fits within my budget because I want to save money for the festivities that will come after getting married, like having a party with some of my closest friends.

Modlily_119210_P_1416812167216My first pick comes from Aliexpress.  This brings a sexy allure to getting married.  Just a few weeks ago I was joking around about getting married in a white mini wedding dress.  And things just brings the A-game to the party.

What drew me to this was the beautiful bow, the beading on the sash, the peplum look, the neckline, and the short skirt.  And I love the puffed shoulders that just adds a bit of old fashion to the look.

Modlily_119210_P_1416812167719This is one of those pieces that not just any shoes will work with this if you’re planning to wear this walking down the isle.  I’m a high heel person so I would go with an open toe platform pump or a pointy toe studded high heel, or even a silver glitter sling back.  You don’t want to go over board board with this beautiful dress otherwise you throw it off.

img-thingShoes are the finishing touch of any ensemble.  And getting married is no different.  It’s like that Cinderella moment that you feel you have arrived when you walk through those doors.  And if you’re going to go with a white mini wedding dress, you better bring it because all eyes will be on you and you want to make it a moment your guests will remember.

My second choice for getting married that second time around, I looked at many white dresses that I felt fit the bill of what it was I was looking for exchanging vows the second time and my husband seeing me for the first time as beautiful as he has ever seen me.

Lace is not everyone’s favorite, but I think I was born with lace in my mouth.113322_thumb_P_1407224851127  When I first saw this particular dress because of the amount of lace that covers this dress all the way around.  It has a full zipper from top to bottom on the back.  It’s sexy, and it’s delicate.  And most of all it’s sexy.  And anyone who knows me knows that I look for the sexiness in everything I do when I am preparing for something.  This lace dress can be found on Aliexpress and Amazon, and comes in an array of different colors if white is not for you.  I have it in white.

Shoes?  I selected a pair that I thought showcased this dress perfectly.

Fashion-rhinestone-tassel-sandals-ultra-high-heels-platform-thin-heels-white-wedding-shoes-open-toe-shoe (1)I mentioned high heel pumps with an open toe, right?  What do you say about these?  I haven’t ordered these yet, but I found them in a Google search.  I like these because of the bow on the back.  Really amps up the dress, wouldn’t you say?  Hey, it’s a second wedding, you’re allowed to dare to be bold and daring, and sexy, but with an elegant approach.  This is the route I would go if I chose this ensemble.  Makeup would be light, I would go with an up do hair style, and I would have a silver clutch purse.  That’s how I would roll.

Next up, my next favorite ideas for getting married in comes with this beautiful garment that I just can’t take my eyes off.

1420823596636-P-23498171420823596303-thumb-P-2349817I like dresses with a hint of seduction in them.  Meaning you’re not only showing how beautiful you are, but you are seducing him at the same time.  Like I said, it’s the second wedding.  You’re allowed to break the rules.

This dress still wows me every time I see it because of the lace formation fitted into the design.   The length of the dress, the open back, the sleeves.  It brings old fashion to modern day beauty and lets a woman feel beautiful and sexy all at the same time.  This dress can be found on Aliexpress.

Shoes?  Well, you know I was not going to let you get away without finding out what shoes I have chosen to pair with this piece.

wedding-shoes-heels-photoBecause the dress is lace.  it would be too busy to go with a lace shoe so i chose chiffon.  I added a larger picture of this shoe because I wanted to show the detail of the chiffon and the overall design.

I love these in particularly because of the chiffon.  Has a zipper in the back, the emblem on the front, the platform and the heel works to suit the dress just right.  If you were to chose this ensemble, this would bet he style to go with, especially if you’re a lace fanatic as I am.

Keep accessories light and simple, go with an up do hair style to showcase the look and affect of the dress, and just let the day be your day of being beautiful and elegant because we don’t often get the opportunity.

These last two are my ultimate favorites!  My daughter calls them eloping dresses — as if I’m going to elope 🙂 but one can never tell, right?

FF20088A_T03I found this masterpiece of a dress on Amazon.  I was blown away when I saw this [by accident] while looking for something else entirely differently.  It’s a full chiffon evening gown that can be worn either as a bridesmaid dress, a prom dress, and of course a wedding dress, or it can be worn to a gala.

$_35 (1)This white halter gown is elegant in its own right.  And if you order this dress the largest it comes in is large, and may not suit everyone’s physique.  It has a clasp in the back has a long ball ball gown skirt.  Although I love this gown, I have not decided if I am going to order it yet.

10889880_1I chose a silver lace high heel sandal that I found on Google and considering ordering.  I chose these because I love the overall look and style and feel they bring the right amount of elegant to this gown.  From the look of them they have a zipper in the back.  you can see the lace detail in the straps and over the foot.

The color is perfect and sets the right tone.

61GtSMVErGL._UL1500_ (1)For my final choice for getting married the second time, I chose — and have — this beautiful strapless gown.  I love the sassiness, and draping on the hips and in the front and back.  There is lace.  My dress came today, but I have not opened yet.  I love the sweetheart neckline.  And for the shoes I would either go with the silver high heel lace sandal above or I would go with the lace high heel peep toe pumps that I received last week.

I just love the beauty of lace.  And when they are designed into shoes, that makes it all the more better.

I first saw these shoes while preparing for an all white event I ended up not attending.  I did order them and when I received them I was overwhelmed and amazed at the same time at how gorgeous they were.

61up+3dApIL._UX535_I especially like these because of the design of the shoes.  I will have a full description of these as soon as I can find it.  But these are my choice for this beautiful dress and I know will make me look amazing.

This concludes my favorites for the woman who is getting married the second time and is exploring many different styles.  Today’s woman is going for the non-traditional while some are choosing to do it right the second in having the wedding they didn’t have the first time.

My wardrobe consists of attire catered for many events including getting married.  I prepare myself for every occasion possible because I never know what I may be invited to attend.

I hope you enjoy my choices.

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